Save Fairy Swamp!

more beach

I would sure like to be lying on the beach today… if it was warm that is.  Our warm temperatures turned quite cold as another cold front swept through our area today.  I am worn out!  We are now at the last of the painting with only the living room and dining room left to finish.  Exhaustion has set in and I must get some other things done around the house.  You know like shopping, laundry, etc.  I had two days worth of emails to go through and have finally made it through them all.  I need to take a nap before my wild night begins.

Tonight is the March full moon and Miss Hilda and I are going to meet the Swamp Fairy.  Last time we met she said, “There are stories that you both need to know first in order to understand the reason I have come forward asking for your help. Silver Threading the horse hole on your property where the fairy ring appears is a gateway portal to another dimension in time where I will guide you and Miss Hilda to understand the true reason we need to save fairy swamp. I will come to you on the full moon of each of your months to teach you and guide you to fulfill your true destinies with the swamp fairies.”  You can read the story here.

2014-10-04 07.04.20

The Horse-hole

The Swamp Fairy wants us to help protect the swamp from the building that is taking place all around Fairy Swamp, destroying the fairies natural habitat and the plants they need to survive. The Swamp Fairy said, “There is a delicate balance between fairy swamp and the reality of the humans that must be preserved, or we both shall cease to exist as you see us today.”

2014-12-04 07.40.04

Fairy Swamp is just the other side of this property where all the building is taking place!

Stay tuned… things are about to get interesting!

Silver Threading signature


      1. It is simply perfect. That’s so amazing. It fits you so much!!! How can anything fit that perfect? I looooove it! 😃 Hope you don’t mind that, but you might read that some time… lol

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  1. Wow! Sounds as if things are building up to a ritual of some kind – by a weird coincidence, just before seeing, and reading, this, I was doing a long-distance meditation with a friend who lives miles away. xxx

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          1. Thank you very much. It’s weird, I hated being called Alienora when I was a child – and have yet to meet another one! – but it is lovely to have an unusual name as a writer! When it came to naming the blog, I was unable to resist the punning aspect of ‘Alien’ and ‘Aura’ – even though it isn’t pronounced that way! xxx

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          2. Wow! I thought your name was Aura! That is unusual! I still like it though… Now more than ever. How cool is that? My own, Colleen was unusual. I have only met maybe 2 others in my life. Of course, I never liked my name either. 💖


  2. I’ve just returned from walking Toby and we have a lovely full moon this evening, Colleen. At least I think it’s full, it may have been last night because it lit up the sky last night as well, but every time I see it I think about the Fairy Swamp and what it is you and Miss Hilda have to do to save it.

    This is a fascinating story gripping people all over the world. As it was also mentioned at the ‘Mildred Awards’ I’m sure once it is finished and published it will be picking up lots of awards along the way.

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      1. You know I hope the BBC or some other TV production channel do pick it up and make it into a series. I’m sure it will get many other far better known awards than Mildred. It’s turning into an absolute ‘must read’. If I had the book I would not be able to put it down until I finished it.

        Your blog, and all its new widgets, is looking wonderful. I have lots of catching up to do on mine which I am hoping to do over the weekend once I finish the B&W photography challenge. Work finished here today and I’m just so pleased the biscuit eating cookie monsters have finally left the house.

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