The Swamp Fairy–The Fairy Journal

Miss Hilda and Silver sat in the garden enjoying a glass of iced tea watching the cardinals and the blue birds play in the bird bath. Large fat bees bumbled along in the hot breeze, buzzing, as they flew in circles looking for pollen on flowers that had not fully opened up yet in the warm temperatures. The air was heavy with moisture. Spring had suddenly thrust herself into Pensacola, Florida with the heat of a summer day. It was hot, even sitting in the shade of the newly leafed out trees.


Silver had her fairy journal with her today. This is where all the fairy stories are written from the memories of the two women. Today, they had compiled a list of everything they knew about the swamp fairies, and added it to the special journal. Between sips of southern style brewed tea, they talked about their last encounter, through the horse-hole. You can read all about that here.

Here is the list that Silver and Miss Hilda compiled into her journal:

1) The Swamp Fairy asked for the help of humans, as Fairy Swamp is endangered, because of the new housing development across the street from their fairy habitat.

2) The Swamp Fairy asked Silver to write about the fairies to bring attention to their plight. She writes about them often on her blog,

3) The Swamp Fairy directed us to the center of the swamp near the heart stone where an interesting plant grows called, pink sundew.

4) The Swamp Fairy took the women back into time to when the first Native Americans lived in Pensacola, Florida. They saw how the pink sundew plants steeped into a tea, helped the early Creek Indians stave off the diseases the white man brought to the continent.

5) It is clear that the swamp fairies interacted with and protected humans.

6) The swamp fairies take care of Miss Hilda’s garden. Many of the plants have been growing there since she was a young girl. The plants bloom even in the harsh cold of winter.

7) Miss Hilda’s mother met with the Swamp Fairy on a regular basis. The fairies visit Miss Hilda daily.

8) Silver and Miss Hilda recently contacted Escambia County to see if there was anything they could do to save Fairy Swamp. The county official said that if there were endangered plant species involved they could declare the swamp protected wetlands under the State of Florida.

9) Pink sundew has medicinal properties. Miss Hilda drank tea from the plants as a child and was not sick like the other children in the area. Just like the Swamp Fairy showed them with the Creek Indians.

10) Pink sundew only grows in Fairy Swamp near the heart stone.

“Alright, Miss Hilda,” said Silver. “Is there anything else we should add to the journal?”

“No, Silver. I think you have everything written down. What were you going to show me that you saw in the newspaper?” asked Miss Hilda.

“Tomorrow is the spring equinox, a new moon, and there will be an eclipse,” read Silver out loud. “The U.K. will be plunged into darkness from the eclipse, while we will not even see it here in Florida,” she added. “It will affect people mostly in Northern Europe,” Silver finished.

“What really concerns me is that all three of these events, have in the past, been celebrated as events of significance within various cultures around the world,” Silver continued.

“In fact, some people are saying that these signs are a prediction of bad times ahead. Many people believe the connection between Friday’s eclipse and the end of the world comes partly from the “Blood Moon Prophecy.” That refers to the theory that a tetrad — four consecutive lunar eclipses, with six full moons between them — is a sign that the world is coming to an end,” Silver read from the newspaper. “Of course, you must remember that this is theory from only a few religious leaders,” said Silver.

Miss Hilda stared off into the edge of Fairy Swamp lost in thought. “Well, no matter what happens, these events must be significant to the swamp fairies,” she mused. “Every full moon and new moon seems to affect their magic giving them the ability to communicate with us more and more.” “I wonder what will happen tomorrow?” said Miss Hilda. “Have you heard anything from the Swamp Fairy?”

“Not yet,” said Silver. “In fact, it is time I get home to fix supper for Bronze.” “Miss Hilda, I want you to come to my house tomorrow morning for coffee.” “I will be up by 6:00 a.m. sharp.” “We will all have breakfast together.” Then, we can see what the day will hold for all of us,” said Silver.

“Thanks Silver,” said Miss Hilda laughing. “If the world is going to end, I think I will just come and spend the night at your house, if it is alright with you and Bronze?” she chuckled. “Besides, Bronze makes the best barbecue chicken in Beulah!”

Miss Hilda closed up her house while Silver waited for her. The two women made off down the road heading for Blackberry Ridge. Spring showed her beauty as they walked past Fairy Swamp.



Thanks for dropping by today.  Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happens in Fairy Swamp.

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  1. Colleen, exciting turn in the story, connecting the spring equinox/end of the world theory to the survival of the Swamp Fairy. And the medicinal pink sundew a help to humans. A lot of interesting material to work into the story. Look forward to Friday happenings…Christine

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  2. Oh, I thought you might see the eclipse. So I was totally wrong. It is great, what you and Miss Hilda already put together!!! There is definitely coming a lot together today… Just fyi… we survived… lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. As I was reading this, I could imagine me hearing the sound of the birds tweeting in the garden and the bees buzzing, Colleen. Great descriptions which really pull you into the story as if you are actually there. I’m sure I was.

    I’m certainly glad the end of the world did not happen on Friday because I read about that as well. The story is coming along very nicely and I know there is another part already published, so I’m off to read that right now.

    Keep up the great work, Colleen.

    Liked by 1 person

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