Word Snap Weekly–Spring in Fairy Swamp

One of my favorite events of the week on WordPress is Word Snap Weekly hosted by the lovely Amanda, of Unique Art Chic.  Click here to find out more about this event.

Word Snap Weekly

Today, I would like to share a photo and an excerpt from my story, The Swamp Fairy – The Gift of Spring.  The swamp was alive this week bursting forth with bright green leaves and wild flowers in brilliant shades of red, pink, and creamy white!  I stood in the road watching the beauty of spring unfold around me.  Crimson cardinals and rosy-breasted blue birds flew about in the bushes and the trees.  Large fat bumble bees hovered about the new blooms, as the sweet nectar beckoned to them.  The fragrance from all this new life was intoxicating.  Welcome to spring in Fairy Swamp.

Spring in Fairy Swamp

“As quickly as it all began, the Swamp Fairy released the butterflies, and they immediately flew off into the sky. However, they did not look like butterflies anymore. Instead, they had taken on their true appearances. They were tiny swamp fairies wearing the colors of the spring swamp, clothed in brown, and a brilliant green, the color of new leaves. Wild flowers of every color were twisted in their flowing hair. Golden flecks of light bounced around them like glittering stars in the night.”

An excerpt from: The Swamp Fairy – The Gift of Spring

Amanda and I  Amanda and I LOVE Word Snap Weekly and we know YOU will too!  Join in and have some fun!

Thanks for stepping into Fairy Swamp for a bit of springtime.  I enjoyed seeing you all!

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12 thoughts on “Word Snap Weekly–Spring in Fairy Swamp

  1. How thrilling to see the buds coming alive in the swamp Colleen, and I love how you linked your fairy to Word Snap.
    You and I doing the ‘bumps’ is just icing on the cake for me…LOVE IT
    Sorry I’ve been a bit neglectful of visiting, but I haven’t had any time with my blog due to our new addition to the family. 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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