Manic Mondays


I stumbled upon the above cartoon at Susan Cushman’s blog  and had to share it.  This is surely the truth for most of us writer types out there.  Our past experiences contribute to our writing in so many ways.  College professors will expound on the virtues of writing what you know because it gives a budding writer something to work off of with loads of experiences to draw from.  That is only the start, however.


I like incorporating a three-step writing process into my work called ethos, pathos, and logos, shown in the illustration below.  I also look for these items when I am reviewing a book.


(Image courtesy of Christopher Altman’s blog called, “The Writer’s Toolbox,” 

If you write your blog, your poetry, or your novel in such a way as to suggest any kind of feelings to your reader you are using pathos.  We convey ethos by establishing credibility with our readers.  I always try to sound like I know what I am talking about when I write.  If the reader believes you they will follow your blog.  Logos is imparted to our readers by applying some logic to our writing.  In other words, check the flow of your work.  Does it make sense?

In the blogging world we tend to write what we feel; and that means sometimes those words come out in a manic mess.  To me, there is nothing wrong with that style of writing.  Some of my favorite blogs are written in the form of a letter, which is called epistolary.  That type of writing uses strong pathos to draw the reader in.  You feel close to the writer, as if you are sharing their deep, dark secrets.  Many times you are!

Writing with the 3 step writing process has helped to ground my writing in numerous ways.  If you are having a manic Monday with writer’s block staring back at you in the mirror, try using ethos, pathos, and logos in your writing.  It will help you to get back on that keyboard once again.

Thanks for stopping by.  I enjoy seeing all of you!

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    1. If you read any of my creative writing posts you will get an idea. My Swamp Fairy stories are written so you can see, hear, feel, and understand (reason) that I am explaining actual occurrences. I will try and do another post in more detail if you would like. I was taught this method in college. Creative Writing 101. It has really been useful to me.

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  1. I could relate to the cartoon! I am just figuring all of this out, and the more i blog the more I love it. I think my style is definitely evolving with time, and it is awesome to be in a space with so many other people who are compelled to write.


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