Word Snap Weekly – Magic Drifts on the Sea Breeze

It’s Sunday, and that means it is time for Amanda, of Unique Art Chic to host her fabulous Word Snap Weekly, where we can showcase our photos with poetry, quotes, sayings… anything that inspires the creativity in you! Join Amanda and me, and show us what inspired you this week! We can’t seem to stop talking about it!

I am in high creativity mode right now and floating on air. I started writing the first draft of my first novel this weekend. I am channeling the magic of my swamp fairy kingdom. Can you feel the magic of possibility? Do you feel your energy levels soar? The white light of goodness is enveloping you in a warm embrace. What inspiration can you share?

Thanks for joining me this Sunday. I look forward to seeing you all again!


16 thoughts on “Word Snap Weekly – Magic Drifts on the Sea Breeze

  1. Did you take the picture? I’d love to step into the wet sand and let my feet be bathed by the waves. As Olganm said: Beautiful combination of photo and words, Colleen!


  2. I can see with a little of your magic infused that this book is going to appeal, to the fresh imagination of youngsters and the some of the slightly jaded imagination of us older folk who need a little reminder of how the written word can transport us to a new place where magic still exists.
    I wish you all the best Colleen and hope things go quickly and easily for you.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  3. How lovely Colleen, sounds like your holiday gave you a boost. It’s always lovely to spend time at the beach, and your haiku is magical, how I wish I were floating on air right now!

    The challenge will be back soon, thank you for your support Hun ❤ 🙂


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