The Darkness of an Early Morning

The storm rolled through northwest Pensacola, Florida this morning with a fury of raindrops tearing at my windows. Deep resounding thunder boomed in the background, while fierce slashes of lightning tore through the dark skies. Flocks of cranes swarmed to the fields near my home, waiting for the rain to make temporary lakes filled with bugs ready for the taking. It was a glorious morning and I reveled in the beauty exploding all around me. The trees heavy with bloom, drooped in the rain.

The gloom was deep in the field. My flash went off for the top picture.

This was closer to how it looked. At 8 am the street lights out front of our houses were still lit. Tornado watches and flash flood watches were issued quickly.

Through the horse-hole after the rains departed.

The cranes were air born! Breakfast time!

The trees heavy in bloom smell like lilacs.

This Sunday interlude to your day was inspired by, The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge, “Early Bird.”

Thanks for stopping by for a visit, I loved seeing you all!



      1. I adore it when it gets so atmospheric right before a Florida storm, and everything turns that brilliant, intense green. So magically moody.


  1. I hope it’s headed our way (south of you)! We need the rain! It keeps teasing like it’s going to rain, but it doesn’t. 🙂


  2. I know they are dangerous, but thunderstorms have always appealed to me. Something about the unbridled power of nature. We had a glassed-in front porch growing up and it was the only one on the block that we could be in during a storm. (false sense of security). Send them up to the northeast ! ☺ Van

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      1. One time we were walking along a locals’ beach spot called Sunset (where I saw my first green flash at sunset) and it was storming and blowing like mad. I love being out in storms and am not scared at all, figuring it’s my own stupid fault if I got struck my lightning or something. But, there was a car parked under a tall half-dead tree, with some people in it. So, I impulsively ran over to the car and banged on the window, even though I usually just mind my own business, interrupting two kids making out. They were pissy, but rolled down the window. I was like “you’d better move your car so it’s not parked under the tree.” They were still mad, but grudgingly moved their car away from the tree, but still facing in that direction. Within about a minute after they did that, the whole top of the tree snapped off and landed right where the car had been. The kids did an immediate 360 and headed down the road towards us. Their faces were white as milk as pulled up next to us to give us a shaky thank you. LOL No idea why I rambled on with that story, but…


  3. Hello Colleen! You described my morning here in south Florida with the exception of the cranes. There was a tornado warning and we were told to take shelter immediately. So I was in the bathroom with my two dogs for about an hour. Ha, ha! Too bad. I prefer looking at the rain and lightning. I’m glad you’re okay. 😀


    1. Oh Vashti! I am just glad you all are o.k. The storms are so intense sometimes it is best to be safe than sorry. I lived in Okeechobee, FL years ago. I remember that part of South Florida well. Have a wonderful day. ❤


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