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Good morning, live from Silver Threading! (Thanks, I always wanted to say that! J)

I would like to invite my fellow bloggers into my community. Have you been looking for a venue to feature some of your writing? I am looking for guest bloggers. I have some dates coming up where family will be visiting. I thought it would be a wonderful idea to offer some time on Silver Threading to those that might be interested.

I am looking specifically for the following dates in May: 9th (specifically my Mindful Monday post), 10th, 11th, and 12th. If you are interested, please reply in the comment section of this post, or email me at

I am open to your suggestions. I offer an eclectic mix of everything. My only request is to honor the G-rating on my blog.

Thanks again. I look forward to hearing your ideas. As always, thanks for visiting!


50 thoughts on “Guest Bloggers Welcome”

    1. Thank you Phyllis. It is nice to meet you. Please send me an email with your post and include all your social media sites and links to your blog. If you have any pictures that you want to add, please attach those also. My email is: Thanks and I look forward to seeing what you write about.

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  2. Hi Colleen, I’ve reblogged this. I would love to guest blog for you; but I’m away those very same dates. Typical hey?
    I’m sure you’ll get some others to help out though and if you ever need a guest blogger again… you know where I am! x:)

  3. I was just positing on my blog that I need to be interviewed by you.

    It’s a very shallow reason: I like the little cartoons you do and was hoping that I’d be cartooned. 😀

    A fellow blogger managed to point out I’m rather shallow, in a roundabout way. I’m not sure I’m interviewable. Plus I make up absurd words.

    Which doesn’t help for the guest blog portion of things, does it? I’ll be over here.

    1. Matt, I see you are an author. I do book reviews and author interviews. My cartoons are optional though! They are made with Bitstrips, a phone app that is connected with Facebook. Let me know what to interview you about and I will do it! LOL!

      1. I claim the author title but that’s a future promise.

        I’ll consider the idea. “Today we interview a person of no little importance and who has mostly the same ideas that the rest of you do. Oh, and he’s new so he probably has less wisdom than you.”

        That doesn’t exactly want a ringing interview, now does it? I can talk about commas. That’s a big deal, commas. (See what I did there? Used a comma? Ha!) I must percolate the subject material about which I will be interviewed. I will consult my followers.

  4. I’m glad I saw Chris’s reblog of your post! I thought I was already following your blog, which I wasn’t! All fixed now. 🙂 This is very tempting, though maybe by now you already have all spots filled. If you have dates left, are you looking for something particular? 🙂

    1. Thank you for your reply. That would be fabulous! If you have a story you would like to write you could email it to me at and I will post it on May 9th. Attach any pictures you want to add also. Just let me know where you would like me to put them. That would be excellent. <3

    1. Hi Sophie. I see you like to blog on Sundays. Would you like to write something up along the lines of “Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust.” I liked what you had to say. You could email it to me at Include any photos you want to add and say where you want me to put them. I would add your post on May 10th. Just get your article to me as soon as you can. Glad to meet you. <3

      1. Hi, yes I can definitely do that for you. Will work on it this week and try and get it over to you by the end of this week/beginning of next.
        Thank you for featuring me!

      1. I blog about books reviews, the writing process, sneak peeks of my in-progress novel, and author spotlights. Feel free to take a look and see if my style fits with your blog. 🙂

        1. How about something about writing your fantasy where you talk about how you use the elements from Pagan & Wiccan religions, Grimm’s fairy tales, and Celtic folklore? That sounds really interesting to me. <3

            1. As soon as you can get it to me, I will schedule it in my posts to be posted. I would like to feature you on May 12th if that works for you? You can email me at Attach any photos you want to feature and say where you want them placed. I am glad I visited your blog. You write about all the things I love. I spent 3 years in the U.K. years ago when I was in the Air Force. Glad to meet you. <3

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