#BeWoW Day – So What Unites Humanity?

I mulled over in my mind all night, what the best way to unite humanity could be.

I dreamt of kindness and saw a magnificent sight.

People were compassionate and kind to one another.

They embraced and smiled, as they shook hands.

I loved seeing all the random acts of kindness.

These random acts grew and spread to others.

I was filled with gladness.


And then, I woke up.

Give it a try! Here are 100 Random Acts of Kindness from 100 Things To Do

100 Random Acts of Kindness

Thanks for stopping in on Be Wonderful Wednesday! I look forward to seeing you all again. Join Ronovan Writes and tell us what you think unites humanity.



  1. Beautiful thoughts here, Colleen. Everyone ought to download those acts of kindness, check one off for each day until completed. Repeat.

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  2. One day, Colleen, we will understand, as a world, that our connections are far more profound than our differences – and kindness will flow like sweetest honey. xxx

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  3. What an important post, Colleen! Very thought-provoking…The 100 Random Acts of Kindness list is great…I like the cookie exchange and letting a car merge the best!
    Cheers my friend to adding kindness everywhere you go!

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  4. So beautiful and heartfelt, Colleen. Thanks for the reminder. One of my proudest moments as a mom came when my son was given an award at the end of preschool. He was 3, and it came as one word…”Kindest”. 💕

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      1. That makes complete sense. The elf kind of seemed nearly obvious, but since I was already asking…’ghost gifts’ makes perfect sense. Not too embarrassed afterall 😉 Tx


  5. I love the list you found us, Colleen, although I’m not sure about “boo someone” as being an act of kindness. If we are talking about frightening somebody then OK it could be funny, but if it means booing somebody off the stage, then I’m not so sure that is being very kind.

    But hey, don’t listen to me, because there are so many interesting ways on that list to make somebodies day.

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