One Word Photo Challenge – “HOT”

Check out Jennifer Nichol Wells’ blog to see what this challenge is all about! THEN – Join in!

How about a little ‘surf and turf’ on the old barbecue grill to conjure up images of “hot?” Can’t you just hear the sizzle and smell the fragrant smoke? The heat radiates toward you in waves…

Is your mouth watering yet?

It was hot and humid this morning when Ron and I mowed the grass. Those are images I will not be sharing with you. Sorry, but the drenched in sweat look is not my best look!

Thanks for stopping by to see me today. I can’t wait to see you all again!



19 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge – “HOT””

  1. The sizzling cooking going on does give me an appetite. I get humidity. It wilts me even inside my apartment doing nothing. Glad you and Ron got the mowing done. 🙂

    • Thanks, Viva. We were just saying today that it is going to be a hot summer. We have had our air conditioning on since early April. It was 90 degrees F. today! Yikes! 😀

    • I knew you would love the grill, Rob. Believe me, if you would have seen what I looked liked after mowing, you would have decided that the hot coals in the grill were perfect for this challenge. LOL! 😀

      • lol! Well, if it makes you feel better, I was knee deep in dark olive green water while I was pulling my pool cover off. The things we do for our yards!


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