One Word Photo Challenge – “Cold”

“Sugar,” A cold day in Arizona taken in 2012

“Ron – along the shores of the Missouri River in January 2010, Great Falls, MT

Images of “cold” for Jennifer Nichole Wells weather photography challenge.

Click the link on my blog to see other fun photos!

Thanks for popping in today. It was great seeing you all!


34 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge – “Cold”

    1. The images of cold are welcome here in Florida right now. The humidity is high, and the heat is on. What fun to think about the cold for a bit. Sugar loved playing in the snow. Spice did too, but she was always on the move. Hard to capture a shot!


    1. Hi, Hugh. Something different from my archives. I could never get Spice to stay still long enough to photograph her. She is still a ball of fire. Sugar is more laid back and easy going. I must say, I really do not miss the cold or the snow although it is quite hot and humid today with thunderstorms. ❤


      1. Toby is sometimes like that and moves just at the wrong moment. Sugar looks so beautiful in that photo. Looks like she has been sprinkled with flour.

        I’m off to London for 4 days today, so won’t be around. But I’ll take plenty of pictures and post them once I get back.

        See you next week 🙂

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        1. LOL! We’ve been here a couple years now. It seems like the weather has changed all over the country. It is actually quite normal. We lived here years ago and it was not much different. I grew up in Milwaukee, WI so I am used to humidity and heat.

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    1. I love common threads. I grew up there. At 18, I left to join the Air Force. I only have gone back a handful of times in the past. My first base was in Georgia and then Florida. We always said when we retired we would come back and we did. I think the heat and humidity here is comparable to Milwaukee. LOL!


  1. Colleen! You’ve got two great pics here to showcase “cold”…it’s funny because I relate to you living in warm and balmy Florida so seeing cold, snow photos on your blog is something new for me :-))
    Sugar is adorable with those flakes of snow…seems like “sugar” on Sugar!
    And Ron looks dapper in the snow by the river…Great!
    Hope all is well with you!
    Sending you warm wishes!

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    1. Thanks, Lia. I actually grew up in Wisconsin. We lived in Montana for about 17 years. Believe me, we are no strangers to the cold. As my husband got older (he is 10 years older than me) it just too cold for him. We decided to move back to Florida. We were stationed close to here years ago. No more cold for me either. I actually feel better in the heat and humidity… even though I complain about it! LOL! ❤ Have a great weekend!

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      1. Oh that’s so interesting about your hometown and travels to various states… I see you as a Floridian in my mind but it’s interesting to know you are from Wisconsin and spent many years in Montana!
        I second the idea of feeling better in the NH end heat, although I tend to complain too once the real heat of the summer sets in!


          1. Wow! I’ve always lived in New York but I wish I could have lived in other states too… Who knows though what my future will bring: )
            PS there was a typo in my previous comment: darn auto correct on my phone! Sorry!


    1. My poor sweet girl has diabetes now. She has lost weight and her coat is no longer that luscious. She is still sweet as her name. Her sister is with us too. Her name is Spice. Both their names fit their personality to a tee! Glad you enjoyed. ❤


  2. Aw what a sweet photo of frosted Sugar. 🙂
    Snowy memories, I had almost forgotten them. I don’t blame you for moving to Florida.
    Great photos.
    I hope you have a pleasant weekend.


        1. Ah well, I did too this past winter. LOL! After two years back in Florida I am fully acclimated! It was 71 this morning when I went out to walk the dogs. THAT felt cool to me! That was summer in Montana and I thought I would die from heat exhaustion, then. LOL!

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