One Word Photo Challenge – WET

Jennifer Nichol Wells challenge word this week is wet!

Silver hates walking in the rain. It makes her hair frizzy!

We had a raging storm this morning. The wind was blowing, the rain was pounding, the thunder boomed, and the lightning flashed! It was WET!

Thanks for stopping by so I could share some of my weather with you! Until next time,



  1. Your photo is really pretty, a nice spot watch the rain.You echo my feelings. We’ve been having gnarly storms and it makes me not-happy when I get wet. lol 🙂

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  2. I also love the bitstrip image. And the picture. My hair is not a major problem although I have worn it quite short for so many years I can’t really remember what it does when allowed to go wild… I don’t have the patience. I hope the weather gets nice again soon.


    1. Hi, Olga. I wore my hair short-short for years. I think it was in my 40’s I decided to let it grow out. Then I went back and forth and finally decided to just let it grow out in color and cut. I want it no longer than my shoulders. That way I can put it up if I need to. Since I am so grey/silver my hair has a mind of its own! Oh well, it is fun to see what it is going to do each day. 😀 ❤


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