A Foggy Morning at Fairy Swamp

I have spent the last couple of days working on my book, The Swamp Fairy. This morning I woke up knowing that I had to go to Fairy Swamp. I could not shake the feeling. I am glad I did because this is what I found:

The fog curled and draped around the trees and bushes. It was hot, around 80 degrees F. at 6 a.m. I don’t know if I was hot and sweating or if the fog made me wet, but I was dripping. I looked into the far side of the swamp and saw this dark corridor beckoning to me.  ‘Only a fool would rush in where others fear to tread – it turns out I’m a fool.’

I ran across the road and slipped between the barbed wire fences that encircled Fairy Swamp on the south side of the helicopter field behind my house. Not bad for an old broad, I thought to myself, breathing heavily in the humid air. I walked carefully, staying away from the watery edge of the slough. Frogs croaked deep in their throats while mockingbirds sounded the alarm high above. I watched for snakes in the trees and on the ground. I stepped carefully.

I had to see what was at the end of the darkness that beckoned to me. I was pulled, toward that deep black hole between the trees. Spider webs clung to my arms. I brushed them off, moving stealthily through the dense underbrush. Moisture dripped on me from the leaves of the trees. The swamp grew quiet as if it sensed that an intruder was present.

I crept forward as silently as I could. Dead leaves crunched underneath my feet. The smell of decay drifted in the air. The darkness deepened and expanded. The gloom made it difficult for me to see. Bushes tore at my arms and wet leaves licked across my face. Nevertheless, I felt compelled to continue.

I was almost at the end of the gloom. Suddenly, butterflies of every shape and color rose up from the stump of a tree. Next, dragonflies, their wings, and bodies bejeweled in the colors of gems arose from the center of the stump. Their wings commingled in a riot of color, a kaleidoscope of shapes. The fluttering of wings filled my ears.

I panicked. I was spooked! I ran as hard as I could run to the far edge of the slough where the swamp meets the field. I burst forth from the brush, my hiking boots covered in nettles. Dripping sweat and breathing hard, I looked back toward the blackness of the dark corridor. It was then I realized I had missed the swamp fairies in all their glory!

What a fool I was to run!

This is my contribution to Mel’s Midweek Writing Menagerie! I chose Option 1: Here are the rules:

Option 1: Sentence Starter – ‘Only a fool would rush in where others fear to tread – it turns out I’m a fool.’

The sentence can be used anywhere in the story. The maximum word count is 1,000 words. The genre can be any of your choosing; either factual or fiction based. You may use art to interpret the sentence, or poetry if you wish.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed my tale of fact and fiction. You decide which is which.

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About Colleen M. Chesebro

Colleen M. Chesebro is an American Novelist & Poet who loves writing paranormal fantasy and magical realism, cross-genre fiction, syllabic poetry, and creative nonfiction. She loves all things magical which may mean that she could be experiencing her second childhood—or not. That part of her life hasn’t been fully decided yet. A few years ago, a mystical experience led her to renew her passion for writing and storytelling. These days she resides in the fantasy realm of the Faery Writer where she writes the magical poetry and stories that the fairy nymphs whisper to her in her dreams. Colleen won the “Little and Laugh” Flash Fiction Contest sponsored by the Carrot Ranch Literary Community on November 2017, and in 2018, she won first place for the “Twisted Travel” category. Colleen lives in Arizona with her husband. When she is not writing, Colleen enjoys spending time with her husband. She also loves gardening, reading, and crocheting old-fashioned doilies into works of art. Learn more about Colleen on colleenchesebro.com.
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  1. You get the full five stars for this one! I loved the blend of fact and fiction.

  2. In love with the story and the photo

  3. That was an amazing story, Colleen. You are the born author!!! Thrilling and colorful in words. Fantastic!

  4. I agree it was foolish to run. The fairies were there. I would have love to see it. When you book is done and you want a reviewer Remember that I review books. I need to read more of your blogs.

  5. Love the Swamp Fairy photo & your intriguing story. Could feel the dampness, your excitement & your trepidation with each step. The run with fear! The missed fairies! Look forward to more Swamp Fairy tales…Christine

  6. Wonderful imagery that goes along with the story! Look forward to reading it. Happy Writing. Christine

    • Christine, my book is written quite a bit differently than my blog posts have been. I just hope everyone will love it, not just kids. <3 Thanks for always supporting me in this journey. It means much to me. <3

  7. Magical story and photo. I can see why the dark passage beckoned.

  8. What a lovely walk to fairy swamp. Your writing makes me feel as if I’m taking a walk there. The fog, the butterflies and the crunching of leaves, they all create a magical effect!!

  9. This is wonderful, just wonderful. Thank you so much for taking part. You have some crazy mad skills in terms of description. The whole scene sprang to life – I could feel the dew drops on my skin! <3

  10. Reblogged this on and commented:
    A delightful tale from Colleen over at Silver Threading. This is a must read 😀

  11. I love your photo of Fairy Swamp and the story was amazing! I truly didn’t expect you to run from the swamp. Great little storyfor the writing prompt.

  12. I am speeeechless! This is an incredible, vivid, heart-racing descriptive story!! Love it! I could feel the leaves on my face and hear the insects’ wings in my ears!
    Happy Monday!!!
    (PS: Hmmm, I can’t decide if it is indeed fact or fiction!)

  13. I enjoyed your trek into the foggy morning to the dark corridor. The butterflies must’ve been a wonderful sight even for the brief moment you saw them. I admire your bravery during this snaky season. Be careful out there chasing fairies. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  14. This is so wonderful… I can almost visualize those beautiful butterflies and dragonflies coming out of the fog all of a sudden… 🙂

  15. Terrific story telling. Your picture added to the suspense. The rush of the butterflies and dragonflies sounds like something out of a fairy story indeed. I love your imagination. 🙂

  16. Sometimes the real life and the fiction are difficult to distinguish. Thank you for the fairies 🙂

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    A beautiful story by Silver Threading.

  19. A fool to run… But a dream to read. Excellent Colleen just super.

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