One Word Photo Challenge – Windy

Windy is the word of the week for Jennifer Nichole Wells challenge. Click here to learn how to take part in this fun creative photo challenge!

The Gulf of Mexico – The bigger the wind, the bigger the wave!

Watch out for rip currents!

Thanks for visiting with me on this hot windy day! I look forward to seeing you all again,


  1. Ah, what a lovely ocean view! Such color in the Gulf compared to the Atlantic up here in New’s rather greenish/brownish…I suppose from the algae and seaweed?
    As you mentioned, indeed the wind and rip currents are a necessary part of water safety…
    Have a lovely Tuesday!!!

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    1. Hi, Lia. Our water here is unbelievably clear. It is quite breathtaking in color I believe. I always thought that your Atlantic is deep in and around New York. That could be another reason your colors are so different. That, and we have all that white sand. Have the best Tuesday ever! ❤

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      1. Oh, your description of the Gulf makes it sound so lovely! Wish I could take a dip!
        Hmm, that’s a good reason why the Atlantic is so dark? It’s rather ominous-looking at times, especially when you can’t see your feet as you walk into the water!
        Thank you for your Tuesday well-wishes!

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