ROY G. BIV or Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Silver loves rainbows!

Rainbows are some of nature’s most beautiful displays. In the part of Florida where I live, rainbows only appear in rare circumstances. Unlike when I lived in the mountains of Arizona where we had regular rainbows during the monsoon season each summer.

I took this photo a couple of years ago in Prescott Valley, Arizona. Nature outdid herself that day. She gave us a double rainbow! Thanks to the Daily Post for sponsoring this event each week.

Thanks for visiting today. I sure enjoyed seeing you all!


29 thoughts on “ROY G. BIV or Somewhere Over the Rainbow

  1. Ignore, the post about beautiful and tranquil setting. It was for another post. Received a telephone call and started retyping without thinking. Sorry about this, but I did plan to comment on your rainbow photo. In the past, when I came across a rainbow — noted its beauty (maybe) and then went on to deal with the busyness of life. Now, that I have a greater appreciation for nature, a camera, and an interest in photography I never see one. Thank you for sharing yours.

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