A Workspace Blog Hop and a Writing Journal

My friend Hugh, of Hugh’s Views and News asked me to participate in his Workspace Blog Hop months ago. Shortly after Hugh’s invitation, I received another invite from another friend, Ali, of Chronicles of an Orange Haired Woman.

Suffice it to say, I am late for these important dates! In fact, Ali had an excellent commentary today about keeping a handwritten writing diary. I thought I would incorporate that into sharing about my daily writing workspace tour.

I spend my days in the smallest room in our house. I call it, “My Creative Room.” It is interesting to note that Sugar and Spice have their sleeping crates in this room and use it at night. During the day, Sugar is my writing muse. She faithfully lies (sleeps) by my side on the floor the whole time I am in here pounding away at my keyboard. My sweet girl had surgery months ago and the patch of fur is slow in growing back. However, it does not deter her from supplying me with additional brain power when I need it.

Here is a view of my writing workspace. I recently acquired a new touch-screen computer with built-in speakers to aid me in my writing and blogging journey. I have pictures of family, college certificates, and the usual motivational images strategically placed on the walls. If you look at the picture of The Buddha I have on the right facing wall, you will see an aura around it. What an interesting photographic phenomena!

I do have a window in the room that I glance out of for my daily daydreaming ritual. I hope to add a treadmill this winter. The idea is that I will walk while reading and commenting on blog posts. I have a tablet that will work fine for that.

I did want to talk about the idea of starting a writing journal like my friend Ali does, here in her post. I use various notebooks, spiral notebooks, etc. for my writing, in addition to the computer. I have recently purchased two new notebooks that I intend on using for my book. Inside I plan on outlining my plot line and deciding on characteristics for my characters. I will fill these notebooks quickly.

Ali suggests keeping a writing journal where we can pour out our thoughts, try new writing techniques, and pen our innermost secrets. I like that idea. The fact that penmanship is not being taught in many American schools really got me to thinking about leaving a written legacy to my family in my own handwriting (or printing because I don’t know if it will be readable in the future). What if my diaries eventually inspire my grandchildren to become writers? Now that is an idea I really like!

There is a totally different brain correlation to writing by hand then there is to writing with a keyboard. I prefer typing because it is faster, although I appreciate the brain workout that writing on paper gives us.

Science Daily.com backs me up with the following quote:

“Writing by hand strengthens the learning process. When typing on a keyboard, this process may be impaired. Neurophysiologists have examined research which goes a long way in confirming the significance of these differences. When writing by hand, our brain receives feedback from our motor actions, together with the sensation of touching a pencil and paper. These kinds of feedback is significantly different from those we receive when touching and typing on a keyboard.”

Thank you, Ali, for an incredibly wonderful idea. I am going to start a writing journal today.

I would like to ask a few of my friends to participate in the Workspace Blog Hop, but it is not necessary to do so. Please participate if you would like to.

Sasha Black

Rebirth of Lisa

Thanks for stopping by today. I look forward to seeing you all again!



  • You’re workspace is so much more organized that mine! I have cables running everywhere. It’s ordered chaos, I suppose, but it would look like a mess if anyone had seen it. I find it very interesting to see where others create. Thanks for sharing your space!


  • Lovely Colleen and great to have a muse who is available for bouncing ideas off or perhaps the occasional ball or frisbee. I find that my handwriting has deteriorated dreadfully in recent years and so I think writing in a journal each day is probably a very good thing. I do have a lengthy to do list which at least encourages some penmanship.. hugs

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    • Thank you for your lovely comments Sally. I agree. My penmanship is almost gone. My last job I worked with young people and had to print. They couldn’t read my handwriting! Crazy. Anyway, the journal sounds lovely. Have a great weekend. ❤

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  • Colleen, what an interesting view into your special writing space! I love the fact that your adorable dogs are with you in this place and also the many important items around you, as you write. Wow, how incredible about the aura around the Buddha in the photo?
    It was very meaningful to see the place where you write and where you blog! It makes me feel even closer to you!
    I must admit that I don’t have a particular place in my apartment where I write. I most often write on my laptop from the living room on a TV table…or else at the dining table and sometimes in bed, but I risk falling asleep.
    And how I agree with you about the importance of handwriting! I admit that I’ve almost “forgotten” how to write by hand. It hurts and feels strange when I do so. But I agree with the quote you mentioned about how the brain processes handwriting better than typewriting. Anytime that I’ve tried to journal by typing on the computer, it doesn’t feel quite the same as handwriting my thoughts! And now there is the proof that my feelings were right!
    Happy weekend and happy writing! Now I know exactly where you sit to make the magic happen!


  • I love getting a peek into fellow artists’ work space! Yours looks quite inspiring! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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  • You have such a wonderful space for writing, Colleen! I envy you for that much space. I am happy I have my massage bed near by in order to put my stuff there too when it is not needed. You are perfectly organized.

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  • Fabulous, Colleen – delighted to hear. Your room looks lovely! xxx

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  • Snap! I posted about journals/notebooks today, take a look if you have time. As I write I have four on the go, always in pen and definitely need the hand to paper experience for these musings. Love your work space. Do you listen to music as you write? Great idea about the treadmill, could you put it so you could look out of the window and gather your thoughts at the same time? Only an idea…:-)

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  • An excellent post, one I greatly enjoyed reading. I didn’t know that about ‘writing’ a journal as opposed to typing one. Perhaps I should give that a go.

    Sugar is very sweet. I’m crazy about dogs – and it was lovely to see yours.

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  • Such a lovely, inspired space you have there, Colleen, muse included !! I have always believed in the power of hand-writing …such a different connection to creativity. I keep a few different journals, and when I go away for any reason, I leave the electronics behind. So interesting to see what evolves. I like traveling with those marble notebooks we used to have in school. Sweet post. 💕

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  • I love this idea, thank you so much for sharing your workspace. I always think its some what of an insight into a writers creative mind. The Buddha photo was fascinating, how amazing that an aura appeared! Alas, I don’t really have a workplace yet. We are saving for a house, so at the moment, I stoop and hover anywhere I can until one day when I get an office! Places including the sofa, dining room table, a random room at work over lunch or on a bench/my own desk/the grass outside! literally anywhere and everywhere! I’ll have a think about how I can participate in this, because I’d love to, but would like to make it meaningful if I did, so maybe i’ll wait till I’ve got all my project books open on the dining room table and use that :).

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    • Sacha, that is an amazing way to show how the different areas inspire your creativity. I am so glad you are excited to participate. I love seeing everyone’s environments. I get inspired all over again. The aura was amazing! I had no words. Life is good. Thanks again. I’m excited to see what you come up with. You are so creative! 💗😁

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  • Thanks for showing us around, Colleen. Such a beautiful room which oozes creativity and calm.

    I can’t even read my own handwriting. In fact it is dreadful and always has been. I write way too fast, thus it looks like scribbles that a three year-old child may have done. I’d admire people who write everything by hand. After-all there is no spell-check!

    Keep up the great work. That room looks the perfect place to write lots more.

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  • It looks very calm and serene. I like the idea of the treadmill although I confess to reading on my tablet while going for real walks (in places with no traffic). I also read going up and downstairs at home as it’s bad to be sitting down so many hours. I’m a doctor, so I guess my handwriting has to be bad by definition, but although I write down things, I write very little compared to before….

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    • I agree that it is bad for me to sit too many hours. I think the treadmill will be a great help. They do make treadmill desks! 😀 I am going to try the journal. I still prefer typing the most, so we will see. ❤


  • I like to hear about your writing room and how you organize yourself. It’s been only in the past twenty years that I have mostly typed on my computer. I know what you mean about the physical feed-back provided by writing in long hand. However, now I focus on single words of haiku and poetry and find typing works better for seeing the shape of what I’m writing and moving words and ideas around. Good luck on keeping your new notebooks. 🙂

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  • I enjoyed your post, Colleen. Your workspace vs mine – If your’s looks that neat everyday, you win. Mine tends to get piled high with books and paperwork. As for your journal, I’m glad you started one. I did too, well at least I bought one, and as soon as I can find it on my desk, I’ll start writing in it. That is until I lose it in the chaos.


    • Ha, Ha, Ha! Michelle, that is fabulous! You got me laughing on that one. I have started a journal and I am enjoying writing inside of it. I cleaned my creative room before I took the pictures. It looked as if a bomb went off in here. I couldn’t let the world see that. 😀 Seriously, I have found that if I keep my desk neat, my thoughts are more organized. Crazy? Good chance. I was an accountant’s assistant for years. I had files piled everywhere but always neat and where I could find everything. I do better in controlled chaos. 😀 ❤

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