Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday – How to Get your Coloring Meditation Groove on

Do you know what the best-selling adult books on Amazon are? Coloring books for adults! I kid you not! Check out this link to “Adult Coloring Book – Stress Relieving Patterns.”

This got me to thinking about mindfulness and coloring. If toddlers and school age children enjoy coloring, why not adults?

There is a wealth of evidence that suggests coloring allows an individual to explore their creative side. In addition, coloring relieves tension because it encourages us to embrace the child within us. As we color, memories of our childhood surface and remind us of a simpler time in our lives when we did not have adult responsibilities.

Image credit: Pixabay free images

So, how do coloring and mindfulness go together? Coloring brings your focus on the present instead of thinking about your past or future. When you pick up that colored pencil, or crayon you are spending your time concentrating on that spot you are coloring. You live in the moment as your subconsciousness takes over and your mind drifts and flows.

Ashley Welch, from Everyday Health

“The whole idea behind focusing on one thing for an extended period of time is to bring us into the present,” says Kimberly Wulfert, PhD, a clinical psychologist in Ventura, California. “The past doesn’t exist. The future doesn’t exist. Our whole awareness is being brought into what’s happening at that given point in time.”

Image credit: Pixabay Free Images

Here’s how coloring lets you become more mindful:

When you are coloring, you have the colored pencil or crayon in your hand. This creates a physical consciousness of what you are holding in your fingers in relation to the paper you are coloring on. You control the writing instrument and can move it in any rhythm you desire as you color in the different spaces. If you keep this up for a time, you basically enter a meditation state.

I think that is what I find so fascinating about mindfulness and meditation. There are so many ways to achieve your desired results without actually sitting and meditating in the traditional sense.

Think about this for a moment. While you are coloring, focus on being still and concentrating on your breathing. Guess what? Through mindful coloring, you are providing a way to meditate while doing something. This is not that different from mindful walking, or mindful eating. You still have the silence even though your coloring provides some structure to make you feel more comfortable.

Image credit: Pixabay Free Images

Tibetan Buddhist Monks produce sand mandalas. These are patiently created works of sand art constructed to demonstrate the impermanence of life. The mandalas take days to make and only a moment to dismantle.

Here is a video of a time lapse mandala creation: (Notice the chanting. I think when we color we should play music that helps us relax.)


I think the construction of the mandalas do the same thing for the Tibetan Monks that coloring does for us. The act of coloring expands our consciousness and allows us to become more in touch with ourselves. It allows us to meditate in a way that does not seem like meditation.

If traditional meditation methods are not working for you, don’t be afraid to experiment to find something that does work. Coloring Meditation might unlock some creative potential you never knew existed! It’s worth a try.

Visit Color Your Way to Happiness to find out more about mandalas and coloring mandalas. They also offer free pages that you can download and print for your coloring enjoyment.

The Mad House also is a great site to visit for free coloring pages.

Pinterest has enough coloring pages to last you for the rest of your life!

Would you like to share your mindfulness journey with others? If you are interested in sharing your goals or aspirations, I want to highlight your journey here on Silver Threading. Please send me an email at silverthreading@gmail.com and I will be happy to feature you on a guest post.

Thank you so much for all your excellent comments regarding mindfulness I receive each week. I am always excited to see how everyone else deals with things in their lives. Remember this is my journey, your own journey might be entirely different and there is nothing wrong with that. That is how it should be. Do not be afraid to try a little mindfulness in your own life.

Remember, this is not a challenge.  This is an offering of support.  If you would like to join in with your own Mindful Monday goals you can do so in the comments, or on a separate post of your own making.  If you want to link back to my post, please feel free to do so, however, it is not necessary.  My main aim here is to give and get support to become more mindful of the things I take for granted in my life.

Namaste. I wish you much peace and joy this week!






  1. Nice post, as always, But there are horses for courses. Colouring! A nightmare for an impatient doctor with messy handwriting and no hand skills. I would need to use the colouring books for 4 y old, and even it would then probably look messy. But maybe I will try, at the moment, I usae gym to relax. Working out, listening to music, my mind wandering. Works and keeps me fit.
    I like your blogs, though, maybe I would like mindfullness.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lucie do what works best for you. I do a lot of walking meditation because that works for me. I had to try many things until I found what brought me peace. Make it your journey and do it for you. 💗 Thanks for stopping by.


  2. I love colouring! I get my fix by colouring activity cards for the class I teach. I love that they sell adult colouring books now – now we have a valid excuse to get colouring with beautiful crayons 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love coloring! My sisters and I all have adult coloring books, but we still enjoy sitting down with children and coloring in their books too. It is very relaxing. The Lego’s I will have to leave for someone else. My kids and grandkids have all loved building with them, but I have no patience.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Michelle, that is fabulous! I will have to try the coloring. Right now, crocheting does the same thing for me. I slow down, count my stitches and feel at peace with the world. I say whatever works for you, GO for it! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. A quick ‘hello’, my friend. And a delightful Mindful Monday post and suggestion. I know that when I’m creating with pen or pencil in hand, I am always in the moment. It really does help to keep my mind from wandering, and quite relaxes me.

    Back to organizing for the move. I hope your day is lovely,

    Marianne xox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello, Marianne. I never realized that about drawing or painting, or coloring! I loved the idea too. I was just saying that I feel like that when I am crocheting. I get into counting stitches and keeping track of the pattern. That is so soothing to me. It actually rests my brain. Good luck on all your packing and organizing. Hopefully, I will be doing the same soon. Have a fabulous day and week, my dear friend. ❤


  5. Yes, Colleen, crocheting is the same…anything creative usually keeps one in the moment and very mindful.

    Oh, many blessings for your packing and such. I’ve been out of the ‘world’ loop for so long, that the cost of the movers was a :O (shock) lol…but they are going to try to get me a better price. It’s really for the big items and I have about 6 or 7. Just keep smiling. I’m trying.

    I’m taking a break. So I thought I’d be mindful toward my friend, Colleen. ❤


  6. I’m totally with you on this. I love to draw and colour, and when I do, I get into a zone and find myself completely relaxing. My step mum used to watch me when I was younger, because she said watching me relaxed her! Thanks for sharing 😀


    1. Mel, that is so cool. I will have to try this coloring myself. My kids and I used to color years ago. It was always fun to be together. Same with my grandbabies. I never thought about this before. Good to know. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh I think my previous message didn’t go through? Oops darn!! I loved reading about Adult Coloring Books and I’ve loved to color since I can remember but never got an adult coloring book! Thanks for the links:)) what a pretty and peaceful way to remain in the present moment:))
    The video of the sand art is amazing. It’s truly a meditative activity that yields beautiful results yet gone in the blink of an eye!
    Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday my friend !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dorne, there are so many cool new ones I just had to try them out. I do like this one. With the book reviews I need to feature the book on my widgets so this seems to bring me the most happiness for layout. I can change the colors and that is a real plus. Thanks for always noticing. ❤


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