Blackberries in the Sun: A Mindful Monday Food Meditation

I love when my Mindful Monday thoughts work for others. Shanjeniah’s Chaos makes food meditation work for her! How cool is that? 😀 ❤

Hi there, and welcome to Mindful Monday, where I practice and share my explorations into living a life of self-awareness and intention.

Are you ready to go deeper?

Have you ever had something come into your life, when you didn’t even know you were ready for it?

That’s an ongoing theme in my Trueborn Weft series, where the Tacivaarii Huntstribe has an axiom that is both a spiritual mantra and a cultural philosophy:

Sima garo provides. We need only open to it.

What is sima garo? Well – it’s the great undefined. The Tacivaarii don’t Hunt its meaning, its shape, its intent. Like the wind, the rain, their breath, Everdeep above, it simply is.

Sima garo provides in my life, too – sometimes, in the very wee hours of a new day, when my mind is sleepy and open, it provides an answer I wasn’t actively looking for, but…

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