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An Author on Growing Through Criticism

As reviewers, we must temper our words with care. This is a great rendering of what this author went through! ❤

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 Three Uncomfortable Lessons about Criticism I Learned from Publishing my Book

By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist

I have a new baby.
It’s about two months old, has a compelling name and is loved by me, my family, and close friends. Of course I’m talking about the new sci-fi novel, Fear The Liberator: A Space Opera Novel, I self-published on Amazon. I worked sweats and fears on that darling, had a professional editor and published it with the best intentions.

And for a while, it was good. Sales trickled in, up to 16 per day, as well as many burrows.

Self-Published Author Mars Dorian

I was high-fiving the universe after having launched a book that finally didn’t tank like my two previous books. And then, the first one-star review crept in and vaporized my book like an orbital beam cannon. The critic wrote a 700 word long review that lynched every part of…

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    1. True. I am a little fearful of that. I recently turned down a review of a book because it was so difficult for me to read or understand. I would never write a review that would damage the integrity of the author. The written word is subjective and cultural diversity has to be considered. Readers don’t have to like every book. A tough situation. 💗😊


      1. I agree. I would do exactly the same and simply tell the author if the book was not for me. We are all different, and what some find an excellent read, others will find it is not to their liking. I think it goes for just about everything.

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