Photography Challenges

The Foggy Corridor

Foggy shapes drifting,

suspended –

beings of moisture and light

beckoning and cajoling,

gently persuading,

anticipating your entrance

into the dark corridor.

Will you go?


This photo entry is part of the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo challenge: “Creepy.”

Thanks for visiting. I’ll see you all again!



          1. Maybe take a sprig, or two, from the Fairy Swamp and start a little Fairy Garden in Colorado Springs. πŸ™‚ The humidity must be awful, but I’m sure that it will be difficult to leave your home for a new one.


          2. No, that is fine. We have moved every couple of years trying different places. This will be our last move. We want to be closer to the children who still talk to us! LOL! Our two older girls are in California and Utah. It will be good to be closer to them. πŸ˜€

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