Earth’s Secret Race of Giants and Their Connection To The Annunaki and Nephilim

I love this stuff and had to share! Sacha is doing a weekly blog spot about all of this wild and wonderful stuff! 😀

Sacha Black

Earth's Secret Race of Giants & Their Connection to the Annunaki and Nephilim

Giants are all over fiction stories like fairytales such as Jack and the Beanstalk and the BFG, but what about actual giants? You know, the ones that lived and breathed on planet Earth? Some argue it’s just another conspiracy. But I wonder if they saw a giant skeleton, knew about the ones hidden in the Smithsonian, heard about the theory connecting the Annunaki and Nephilim and the references littered in the Bible, whether they might change their mind…

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      1. It’s certainly thought provoking. The author used literal translations, and not interpretations, to write an alternative history to the origins of mankind, which, according to him (Sichtin), begins with the Annunaki.

        Another excellent book dealing more with the Nephilim is Andrew Collins ‘From the Ashes of Angels’.


          1. Thanks, Colleen. I’ll watch them when I get home tonight. From the Ashes of Angels is a captivating read. Collins provides the origins of Angels and also estimates where the terrestrial Eden was located. I love reading this stuff! Another one was Moses and Akhenaten, and the author contemplates if they were one and the same person.

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          2. I really like the philosophy behind the video I sent you. I think there is so much we do not know! The truth would probably freak everyone out! I will check out these books! 😀 I love this stuff too!!

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