Something New – “Endings and Beginnings,” by Colleen Chesebro

I was honored to write a piece for my Sis, Lisa! <3

9 thoughts on “Something New – “Endings and Beginnings,” by Colleen Chesebro”

  1. I wholeHEARTedly agree with you, Colleen! Too many times, we are afraid to venture forth into new areas, but I believe new things, whether it be by traveling around the world or simply exploring different life paths, will keep us forever young. Much thanks for sharing…

  2. It’s like always having something to look forward to – even if it’s only in your own head and the path is not yet clear. It’s all about anticipation. By the way – we covered our books with wallpaper. I found some school books years later and was horrified to see what we’d live with at that time. My mum still defended the garish orange and purple pattern!

    • It is the excitement of something new and the challenge of accomplishment. Anticipation… what a great addition to the journey! Judith, the wall paper sounds so 1960’s! My step mother’s bathroom was pink, purple, and blue. I never saw something so hideous in my life! LOL! <3

  3. That was an amazing post, Colleen. I totall hear you. We need new beginnings or we get stuck. Which isn’t true actually because we get pushed from life anyway. But when we start new beginnings consciously we progress in a much higher level.


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