issue 1 artists

Congratulations to all the poets and photographers! We’re getting published! WOO HOO! ❤


The selections are in! Thank you so much to everyone who submitted. I’ve e-mailed each of you about your submissions. If you submitted and did not receive an email please let me know by emailing or commenting below.

selected artists issue 1

Congratulations to:

Alli W.




Lisa Blair

Erica Williams

Richard Mark Ankers

Leah Wise


Mina Boromond

Ana Perry

Francesca Aspromonte

Frances Kelvin Oltung

Sofia Borovskia

Dawn Whitehand

Yen Peterson

Tracy Goodbred

Colleen Chesebro

Michael Kshatri

Jason Grim

Christopher C. Garrett

Alex Damov

Lavinia Roberts

Patrick Jennings

Julie Smith

MC Lynn

For other fēlan supporters, please check back on September 18th to get your copy of issue 1: love.

Submissions for issue 2 will open late this month.

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  1. Yes we are!I wanted to thank you for suggesting I submit my poems. This is the first time I did something like this and I am super excited to be chosen. I wouldn’t have done it without your encouragement, thank you again 🙂

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