Writer's Quote Wednesday

You Always Have HOPE


The last couple of weeks have been stressful to say the least. Whenever you have your house up for sale it no longer belongs to you. Personal things that bring you comfort and inspiration are packed up so as to declutter your space. You are asked at the drop of a hat to vacate the premises so that prospective buyers can look at your home and decide if they can see themselves living there instead of you…

At least that is how it usually goes. Only two people have actually come to look at our house since we listed it. The issue always comes down to money, doesn’t it? That being said we did a drastic price cut and have scheduled another open house this Sunday. Let’s hope it brings in buyers who can look at our tropical oasis with the same eyes we did when we purchased it. One can hope.

At one point, we had a sale and at the last minute they pulled out from the deal! Frustration was all I could think of. It is always hard when you do not have any control over a situation. Hope becomes something that you covet and cherish.

Through all my frustration with this house selling business, I know I just can’t give up hope. Sometimes, it just takes time for the rest of the world to catch up to me. J

For Ronovan Writes #BeWoW share as part of my Writer’s Quote Wednesday… remember we always have HOPE!

Thanks for stopping by. Glad to see you all!


  1. You have my sympathy. My sister and i have selling our late dad’s house. It seems to have dragge don for ages but now we have a buyer (even though for much less than the original asking price) and now we’re in a mad rush to empty it before the end of next week. I am sure your lovely home will go – the people who’ve looked at it weren’t right for it.

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    1. Thanks so much Mary for your sympathy. That is just what I needed. Real estate selling in the Southern U.S. is different from out West like we are used to. Now, we just want to get on with it and get it sold. I am so glad that your Dad’s house sold and you can get that behind you! I am sending you strength to make it through the last plunge! ❤

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  2. Selling a house is always tough! I’ve only been through it once, but it was hard knowing that people looked at the home we worked hard to put together and all they saw was “dated” and “needs updating”. Oh well, hang in there!

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    1. We spent an enormous amount to redo this beauty. Sadly, we will not recoup any of the costs with the present market. That is the chance we took. Thanks so much for your kind wishes. I figure if we are all positive then the vibes and karma will change. LOL! 😀

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  3. This is what holds us back from listing our house. The market in our area is really good and it seems most houses sell within a month which is great. The thought of packing is something I do not want to do. I hope y’all’s house sells soon. Colorado Springs is a very nice area I actually love Colorado.

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    1. Aw, thanks so much for the encouragement. We are retired military so the packing up and such is no big deal. I just want to get on with it! LOL. Don’t be afraid to move. It is really quite amazing… just not the house selling part so much! 😀 ❤

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  4. Our house is far too big for us but every time we think about selling it the thought of strangers coming in a criticising all we’ve done (it was half built when we moved in with a toddler and six month old twins, thirty eight years ago) I chicken out!! Thoughts are with you on this, ColleenJx


  5. I was looking at the image of the trees and it reminded me of the hole where the horses poke their heads. I have been through this type of stress in the past. I found it so hard to have people coming to see my home ( first a condo and then our first house) and make comments, sometimes negative comments. I found it better not to be there. It was very intrusive. We had an offer fall through as well. I hope you get some good news soon.

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  6. I shall have my fingers crossed on Sunday that you have offers galore. I can’t understand why some people can’t overlook differences in decorative tastes and imagine how they could have a house.The right buyer will turn up but don’t let them screw you on the price.
    xxx Gigantic Hugs and Best of Luck xxx

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  7. Thinking of you, Colleen; ‘been there, done that, 5 times now. It’s always stressful. The nice part for you is that it seems that while anxious, you are not under time pressure to move. In retirement, we will be there as well. Still..hoping for some positive news and sending you good vibes. ☺


  8. Good luck Colleen, selling your house is such a stressful business, hope it works out for you. We had a pretty bad experience when we tried to sell ours, we had a buyer who then pulled out and bought the house next to us, so you can imagine that didn’t actually make us feel very neighbourly! Anyway, it’s many years ago now so we stayed put, and for the moment, we’re doing up the house with a view to selling it in the future, and moving to a smaller house, once the kids are all living independently…. But yes, it is a crazy business, and you need to stay positive, so all the very best and hope lots of honest, enthusiastic buyers find their way to you.


    1. Marje, it sounds like you had a horrible experience! Oh, my goodness! I took down all my family photos today and packed them away so that the house looks more presentable (not so much personality) to prospective buyers. I am hoping for a good turnout on Sunday and staying positive. Thank you for your kind wishes. I just want it all to be over with! LOL! ❤

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