Mindful Monday – Mindfulness is Awareness

Due to the crazy schedule I have had the last few days and the pending open house for our house sale on Sunday, I will not have a Mindful Monday post for Monday, September 21, 2015. Time constraints have left me breathless.

Please enjoy this Haiku I wrote for your enjoyment:

Have a wonderful week filled with peace, love, and joy! See you next week!


57 thoughts on “Mindful Monday – Mindfulness is Awareness

        1. My husband has a medical procedure tomorrow. It has been a busy week and this one will be crazy too! We are waiting for good news on the house. It has to come soon, it is inevitable. ❤


  1. I think this IS a mindful awareness post, Colleen. I’m glad to see on the previous comment that three couples and another realtor showed up for the open house. Progress, my friend. 🙂


    1. Absolutely, Mark. I feel positive. It is always hard to sit and wait, but with real estate you have to wait and see. There were no negative comments at all about the house other than would we drop the price more… :-/ $20,000 was enough, thank you. The issue is that there is a surplus of new homes built and being built in the area. Wages are low here. The one builder dropped his price on a house near us when we did. He can afford to absorb the loss while we can’t. Anyway, I am sure something good is just around the corner for us! Thanks for all your positive energy! ❤


  2. My dear Colleen, your Haiku is wonderfully in tune! Thank you for sharing it. And be very mindful of getting enough rest. That’s my advice, as I’ve succumbed to a nasty cold/sinus infection, and have been trying to mend for almost two weeks now. But finally went to dr’s and I’m on antibiotics. Just now trying to catch up in blogland.

    God speed with your move and sale of your house. Stay healthy, wealthy, and wise! 🙂

    Marianne xox


    1. Marianne, I am so sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Do take care. We had a busy week. My husband had a procedure done on the veins in one of his legs. All is well there. We are still waiting for good news about the house. I am worn out and taking a break today. Just too much going on and I do not want to get sick either. I hope this finds you on the mend and feeling better in no time. Take care, Mindful Monday is just around the corner! ❤


    1. We do Dorne. The house went under contract on 9/30/15. I am off to Colorado to buy a new house on 10/6-10/15. Things will be crazy from here on out. I will stay in touch with pictures and check in when we are in motels in the evenings. ❤


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