Go Ahead – Fall into autumn #BeWoW

It’s my favorite time of year – autumn! Today marks the first real day of fall here in the United States and I am celebrating my favorite time of the year by sharing a quote for Ronovan Writes, #BeWow and my own #Writer’s Quote Wednesday. Ron and I have been linking up our quotes each week to spread inspiration to our fabulous writing community. Go ahead, join in! You’re always welcome!

I love autumn for many reasons; the bright reds and deep oranges of the leaves, the crispness in the air hinting at cooler temperatures, and the brilliant blue skies that seem to make the colors even more spectacular.

We are still proceeding with our house sale. No offers yet, but I feel positive it will happen soon. With that said, I had hoped to be in Colorado Springs to celebrate the autumn splendor of the Rocky Mountains. Instead, I can share a photo that will give you an idea of the beauty that surrounds the area.

Image credit: Visitcos.com

Without further ado, I would like to welcome in autumn with a quote from Stanley Horowitz:

Image credit: Breathing in Grace

Happy autumn!



  1. I like that, a mosaic. Beautiful. Happy Autumn to you too. Are the trees that amazing colour with you yet? The leaves still green here with tinges of mustard yellow crinkling around the edges. Nothing to exciting so far.


    1. No, unfortunately, we are still in Florida waiting for our house to sell so that we can move to Colorado. In Florida, it is still hot. We have had little rain and the leaves are just turning brown and falling off. Keep your fingers crossed that someone will buy our house soon so that we can be on our way to cooler temperatures. Mustard yellow sounds nice. 😀

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      1. Best of luck with your house sale. It is a stressful time and one often feels on tenterhooks, having to be available for viewers anytime. Colorado in the Rocky Mountains must be stunning this time of year. Keeping my fingers crossed for a quick sale for you.


  2. Phew! My blogging has been hit or miss and when I linked WQW and BeWoW together I was worried you and Ron were going to slap me on the hand for double dipping. 🙂 I love the idea of spreading all this positivity!

    I love the fall colors! I’m looking forward to their arrival next months! 🙂 Hopefully the right person will come along soon and buy your house. (I love Colorado Springs- it’s such a beautiful area! I hope you are able to experience some of the fall colors there!)

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    1. Thank you, Lia. You are such a ray of sunshine! Isn’t Colorado beautiful? I can’t wait to live there. It will be amazing! I love autumn. We get little to no fall color here in north Florida. It has been so dry that all the leaves are turning brown and crumbling off the trees. 😯💗


          1. That’s lucky. One got into my bedroom earlier in the year and after unsuccessfully trying to get it, I gave up and went to sleep. (If truth be told, I actually felt a bit heartless for wanting to see it dead.)

            Of course, the next morning the inevitable result was I was covered in so many red blotches it looked like I was suffering from measles.

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    1. Hi, Marje. I bet you are already getting some fall colors in your part of England by now. We are still quite warm – around 86 F. degrees for a high temperature each day. I hope the weather changes soon or we get moved soon. Have a tremendous Thursday!

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