• Title:  Miedo – Living Beyond Childhood Fear
  • Author: Kevin Cooper
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  • Print Length: 232 pages
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  • Publisher: Independent Publishing; 2 edition
  • Publication Date: May 25, 2014
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  • Formats: Paperback and Kindle
  • Genres: Drama, Biography, Horror, Paranormal, Psychological Thriller

Miedo Living Beyond Childhood Fear

In Spanish, “Miedo” means to be afraid!

This is at times, an uncomfortable and horrifying account of a young boy’s life during the 1960’s – 1980’s while growing up in the city of Hull, England that is biographical in nature. The author begins his story in the first person to distinguish his happy, early childhood years where he lived with the love and safety of his grandparents.

However, as the tale progresses and a darkness enters the boy’s life, the author begins to tell the story in the third person as if to distance himself from his memories and the realities of his transformation into Miedo, a child full of fear.

There are no perfect families

No one has the perfect family. For Miedo, life with his father and step-mother, his two sisters, and a half-sister life is brutal. As a small child, he experiences strange bouts of paranormal activity. At night, alone in his tiny attic room in the house that his family rents, the bed shakes uncontrollably and the ceiling and walls close in upon him. He sees demons that stare at him from the foot of his bed. Terrible nightmares fill his dreams.

Miedo’s terror is real and he reacts to the paranormal experiences with genuine fear. I found it hard to distinguish whether he was imagining these happenings or if he was slowly descending into a type of childhood insanity. Some of the descriptions of what Miedo goes through are just creepy.

The boy has physical issues to deal with also. Sometimes he bleeds from his ears. He has trouble with speech and stumbles and falls quite a bit. School is difficult for him. His father punches him often and demands that he not act ignorant. Miedo’s stepmother Ginger treats him no better. When they are done abusing the boy, there are his two sisters, Liz and Cloe who are happy to step in and abuse him further.

Yet, from all this adversity, Miedo somehow continues to grow. There is a quiet gentleness about him and I wanted to hold this child in my arms and tell him somehow everything was going to be alright.


This is a dark tale of a life that most people would not be able to rise from. It is a fairly quick read that captured me from the beginning to the end. I read this book in about two nights, driven to find out what was behind the supernatural experiences that plagued poor Miedo.

The answers are not given. Instead, the author leaves the reader with another paranormal experience that shatters Miedo’s existence at the sanctity of his grandparent’s house. Even the love from his grandparents, who once protected the boy now seems shattered.

I found myself left only with more questions and wanting more answers. Miedo and his life haunt me. I can’t wait to read the sequel, “Miedo 2, A Reckoning with Fear.” I am compelled to find out how this story unfolds!


Author, Kevin Cooper

Character Believability: 5
Flow and Pace: 5
Reader Engagement: 5
Reader Enrichment: 4.5
Reader Enjoyment: 4
Overall Rate: 4.5

About Kevin Cooper:

Kevin Cooper was born in Hull, East Yorkshire, England in 1963. He moved to the USA in 1985 where he first studied to get a GED in Kentucky. He then obtained a scholarship and went on to study at Western KY University for two years. He transferred some of his credits to Asbury College and obtained a BA in Psychology in 1991. After finishing at Asbury College, he studied at Asbury Theological Seminary for a year before moving to Arizona and enrolled at Grand Canyon University. In 1998, he obtained an M.Ed from Grand Canyon University where he was also awarded a Graduate Fellowship.

Kevin was a substitute teacher for several high school districts in and around Phoenix for over six years. He became a Manager for The Hertz Corporation in 1999-2004. During this time, he also became a lecturer of General Studies at the Metropolitan College of Court Reporting.

In 2004, Kevin returned to England with the dream of becoming a writer. He, however then set his mind to other things and after a few jobs working in security, a call centre and a couple of offices, he managed to get a position working in the NHS where he stayed for almost seven years.

Finally, after having to come out of work to look after his wife, Kevin set his heart to writing again. He began by starting his blog: Kevs-domain.net and has since become an author of three works: Miedo “Afraid” which is a psychological thriller/ horror about a child who experiences a lot of loss and trauma in his life resulting in a lot of paranormal/supernatural incidents. The Devil’s Apology: This is a short story that provides an epic tale of war with God from the Devil’s perspective. Reflections: A book of poems, songs, and muses about love, relationships and life in general.

Make certain to connect with Kevin Cooper through his Twitter @GrtIndieAuthors, and Facebook at Kevin Cooper. His blog: Kev’s Great Indy Authors, and Goodreads.

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