WHO Wants to Help Us MOVE? #BeWoW

We had an exciting day on Monday. First I had to go to one of my favorite places… the dentist! NOT! I survived my teeth cleaning and came home to find a message on our phone.

A couple was coming by at 4:30 P.M. to view our house – on a Monday afternoon! I kicked in the afterburners and ran around in a frenzy cleaning floors, dusting, and making everything spic and span. Ron manned the vacuum and took care of that issue for me. Meanwhile, Sugar and Spice slept on the couch!

Our real estate agent thought he would be there for the appointment to see if he could get a read on their intentions. At the exact time, we had agreed to let them view the house, Ron and I, including Sugar and Spice, jumped in the car and drove around for about a half hour.

After the couple left, we returned home and talked with our agent. He said this couple sure asked more questions than the other folks did that viewed the house recently! He said you just never know in these instances. The couple had not made a bid. L We were sad to say the least.

At 6:30 P.M. Monday evening, our agent called and said the couple’s real estate agent had texted him saying they were writing up a contract!! By 8:30 P.M. they had made a verbal offer and we accepted it. We now have a written contract to sell our house! WOO HOO!!

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I kept telling Ron that we had to make it through both of those September eclipses before our luck would change! It was interesting because last week we ran around getting all the things done that we needed to do before we moved, even though we had no idea when it would happen. Doctor appointments, vet appointments (for Sugar & Spice) and the dreaded dentist appointments were all completed and out-of-the-way for our cosmic energy to flow.

Many, many thanks to all of you who supported me through this crazy time. You guys kept me going when I felt the stress build up. I cannot thank you all enough. You know who all of you are, too! <3

By next Tuesday, October 6th, we will be on the road Colorado-bound to do some house hunting. I am not sure just what the date will be for the house closing, but it tentatively  is set for October 29th!

This will impact my blog and some of my regular posts (Writer’s Quote Wednesday, Mindful Monday, etc.) so please bear with me. Book reviews will also slip in the schedule. Rest assured, I will review your book in due time.


Just think of all the pictures of our trip I will be able to share!

Thanks again for letting me share my exciting news! Many thanks to Cherokee Billie for her accurate prediction of exciting changes that would happen after the Mega Moon Eclipse.


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Stay tuned for more exciting developments!

40 thoughts on “WHO Wants to Help Us MOVE? #BeWoW”

  1. What lovely news to come back to, Colleen. Congratulations to Ron and you. A new month and a new door opens for you. Step through and enjoy what awaits. I look forward to reading all about it and wish you a smooth and stress-free house move. Exciting times await.
    Best wishes,

    • Hello, dear friend Hugh. We are so excited to begin this next chapter of our lives. I will share photos of our travels. Sugar and Spice are ready to go! House hunting next week will be amazing. We will see fall color. Thanks so much, Hugh. I have missed your time away. Hugs to you, John and Toby. 💗💗💗

    • Hi, Mel! Thank you so much for your kind offer. I can always add you as an editor and you can write some posts from my blog if you’d like. LOL! We are so excited and there is so much to do!!! Thanks for being there for me. <3

      • It’s my pleasure. I’d be happy to take care of some posts for you while you’re away – Mindful Monday/Writer’s Quote Wednesday/Other guest posts. Just let me know what you need and it’s done 😀

        • Thanks, Mel! I just gave to permission to be an editor on my blog. Ronovan is going to do the WQW wrap up for me. Do you think you could round up yourself or someone to write a Mindful Monday post? Just one will do. We can skip a week. I am looking at being gone for 10 days. After that, I have to pack. I hope to have a few posts scheduled to carry me through. I know you all understand and will be around. It will be an interesting two months on Silver Threading. All that car time and I will have to write. Gosh, the bad luck! LOL! <3


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