Inside Silver’s Brain – The Great MOVE

I have a million and one things going in on my head right now with this impending move looming on the horizon I don’t see it getting any better for a while.

I hope you all won’t mind if I am scarce on the blog for a bit. What with packing for our house hunting trip and packing household goods I find I just cannot concentrate on anything else at the moment.

Ronovan, from his blog Ronovan Writes, and Mel, from her blog, Melissa Barker-Simpson are going to post occasionally from Silver Threading while I am away house hunting in Colorado for the next ten to twelve days (10/4-10/15). I will share pictures along the way from our trip.

I have scheduled two Writer’s Quote Wednesday posts and Ronovan is going to do the wrap-up for them. Mindful Monday will just have to be mindful without me for a few weeks as I concentrate on this move. I know I will be behind on my book reviews so please be patient. I will get them done.

Please forgive my lack of interaction during this time. I always tell everyone that life comes before blogging… I need to take my own advice to heart. Thanks for understanding. I have the best blogging friends in the blogosphere!



      1. I wouldn’t presume to say anything on the subject 🙂
        Totally on a different subject – I’ve been meaning to ask if I ever sent you No More mUlberries for review or if you were goign to request it at some point? I know it won’t be until youlve settled so I’m not anxious, just curious because we spoke about it but I can’t remember what was said. The brain is mushy – and I’m not even moving house!


        1. Mary, I think we just talked about it. I do not have you on my list, but I have added you now. It will be a bit with me being so unsettled. I know we will be in limbo for a bit so I should be able to get quite a few reviews done then. We will have to stay in an extended stay motel for maybe two weeks… hopefully less than that. I will ask you for a copy down the road. ❤

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  1. Yay…congrats on the home sale, Colleen. So happy for you, I know that feeling ! Have fun on your house hunting trip. This should be a great time of year to negotiate as a buyer. Enjoy the process. My daughter and husband just made an offer on their first home, upstate NY. Love when it happens to other folks…excited by proxy ! ☺ See you on your return. ❤️


    1. Thanks so much Van. We are excited to say the least. A fun time ahead now with the trip to Colorado. When I return I will need to pack like crazy. We will be displaced by the move we expect allowing time to close in Colorado and move in. What an adventure. I should say our last great moving adventure as my husband said this is it! LOL! I will keep you posted with pictures along the way. ❤

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  2. Wishing you good luck with the house hunting Colleen. Have a great trip, and we will be waiting to see how you are getting on. You have left your blog in very capable hands so you can have at least one thing less to stress about! 🙂

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  3. Congratulations on the sale and best of luck with the move. Take a moment or two out now and then and enjoy a cup of tea / glass of wine / chocolate – packing sure is stressful. If I understand right, you haven’t bought a place in Colorado yet? Wishing you a fun time if so finding your new home. Miss you already but we will all be here when you have a chance to post again. Take care❤️

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  4. Hi Colleen!
    I can imagine how many things are going on in your life right now! I’m glad though that your house sale in Florida is proceeding well!
    It’s totally understandable why blogging now needs to take the back burner while you prepare for your house sale and house hunting!
    We will miss you but know you’ll be back soon, as energized and positive as ever!
    Lots of love and sunshine 😉

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  5. Moving can do that to you. I moved three years ago and haven’t forgotten the complete focus on tasks at hand it requires. And I did not even have to buy a house. Best wishes. We’ll hold down the fort until you get back. ❤ 🙂

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  6. Hope it all goes well! Take care!

    I understand your situation, as I’ve just moved countries myself, and looking for a place to live, hence why I haven’t been part of Writer’s Quote Wednesday lately.

    Wishing you the best of luck. xxx


      1. Okay. Will do. I’m trying to update my blogs today, which have been neglected due to moving abroad (another one is in the works). Please do stop by those two and say “hi”. Will give you the link when I have activated the new one. xxx

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  7. Colleen, do what you have to do, and don’t worry about your blog. Good luck with the house hunting. I hope it goes well and you find the perfect house quickly. Safe travels. Hugs, my friend.

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  8. I’m delighted to hear that your house sale is proceeding and excited for you about your house hunt in Colorado.
    Don’t worry about your blog…we’ll all be here on your return and your blog buddies will do a great job of looking after your blog, I’m sure.
    Good luck with everything and thinking of you.
    I am looking forward to seeing and hearing about the new house.
    Take care. xx


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