Mindful Monday: Little Things

mindful monday

I often joke about having teenagers in the house, and I’m sure everyone can relate to that at some point – the drama that never ends! But it’s not all raging hormones and family battles, and it’s important to remember, and even marvel at, the little things. Those declarations of love that equate to sunshine on a cloudy day. Every time one of my daughter’s leaves me a note, a few simple lines to remind me how much I’m loved – it fills me with unadulterated joy. I’m often overwhelmed by how thoughtful they are, and each message is a treasure.

Then there are letters, those gems that are always welcome – especially when they fall on the mat with a delightful little thud. An indication that, behind the envelope, there are words meant only for us. Whenever I receive a letter it brightens my day and I’m thankful. We may lead busy lives, but we’re reminded constantly how fortunate we are – even when the going gets tough.

As Colleen trusted me with the Mindful Monday message today, and because I really enjoy her glorious infographics, I’ve created one for you all. Just a few ideas on how you can inject a little joy and share your messages of gratitude.

Thanks again for stopping by. If you have any more ideas, or just want to talk about your experience giving and receiving notes, please leave them in the comments.


15 thoughts on “Mindful Monday: Little Things

  1. Really lovely Mel. I’ve been finding pictures my grandchildren drew for me when they were younger and spent the night with me. Teenagers and tweens now, some grown, married or about to be, those days are gone now, but the treasures will remain with me as long as I’m alive.

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      1. Mel, I absolutely adore what you have written! Thank you so much for taking care of Mindful Monday for me. I am so blessed to have such a great friend like you. Thanks again and you must teach me how to make those infographics! Many hugs to you, ~Colleen~

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        1. It’s my absolute pleasures. Thanks for trusting me with it. Your Monday posts are awesome 😀 I had fun with the infographic, and the programme is easy yo use (we’ll have a conversation!). Big hugs right back. 💗

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  2. Mel, Oh yes! I can attest to the power of what you speak of here. I have the most wonderful notes from my children lining my bedside shelves that were placed on my pillow for me to find upon returning home from work this summer after they were already fast asleep in their beds. Also my husband hides them in places that I discover, totally unexpected treasures. I haven’t reciprocated nearly enough and it has been far too long since I have.

    Thank you for this wonderful reminder and I shall immediately begin to make these simple, but oh so meaningful gestures!! Have an amazing week.

    And Colleen, I hope all is going splendid on your house hunting adventure!!

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