Welcome to Our New House

It has been a busy, crazy couple of days here in Colorado Springs house hunting. The weather has been amazing with cool mornings and warm afternoons. We have stayed in the Quality Inn and loved the location and the friendly attitude of the people who stay here and the employees. They accept dogs and Sugar and Spice have loved all the attention.

2015-10-09 17.08.27

I know this photo is not the best, but the mountains and the sky are amazing. The rolling prairies are everywhere here within the backdrop of the looming rocky mountains (Pikes Peak). Fall brings the colors into focus with splashes of color.

After a thorough search and much negotiating with the builder, Ron and I are happy to share our new abode! It is a lovely shade of dusty blue with white trim and butter-yellow accents. I love the colors! This is truly our last best house!

Colorado House

We will start back on our trip to Florida tomorrow morning. Once back in Florida, I need to finish packing and prepare for the house closing on October 29th. Then, it is back on the road heading to our new house in Colorado. The builder graciously is allowing us to move in immediately (we pay rent until we close on the Colorado house) which is an amazing benefit that we are grateful for.

2015-10-09 16.54.40

Sugar and Spice LOVE the backyard! So do I. Not much to mow! We will plant a few trees, add a few pots with veggies and flowers, and our Colorado paradise will be perfect. Wait till I share pictures of the snow in winter. 🙂

Here is a link to the Top 10 Things to do in Colorado Springs.

Thanks for visiting and seeing our new house. The next few weeks will be crazy and I will post when I can. ❤

loving the weather

106 thoughts on “Welcome to Our New House

  1. This is quite awesome news, Colleen. Your last best house is a beauty! That Colorado sky-and-mountain shot are super, too. First of many, I say, right?
    Congratulations on the success in both states, my friend. Cheers to you and Ron. ❤

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  2. I love it and I love that you’re all together choosing your forever home. It looks fabulous and I guess you will make it special.
    I’m even more impressed that you can find the time and be organised enough, to put this great post together. Respect.
    Post when/if you can, we’ll be here.
    Good luck with the mammoth task of packing up, completing on your sales and driving back to Colorado. It will all be worth it though. Maybe a white Christmas for you? I’ve booked one for us!
    Take care. xxxx

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  3. It looks amazing Colleen. I’m sure Ron, you, and the girls will be very happy there. No more hot humid Summers. Hooray! I can’t wait to see your photos once you have moved in, and then all the ones I hope you will take when the snow arrives.
    Congratulations and I hope the move all goes smoothly.
    Best wishes,

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  4. Colleen!!! HOORAY HOORAY HOORAY! I’m thrilled to see you new home and yard! What a wonderful and happy day! I love the blue and yellow colors and those flags seemed to beckon you in and say “Welcome, this is your new home”! I’m really glad for you that it’s all working out…Have happy travels back home and happy packing!
    PS: I decided myself to move to a new apartment since my lease is up at the end of the month so I’m packing up myself and will move on Nov. 1st. Here’s to us both in our happy new homes!!!

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  5. You are going to love being in your new home! I wish you all the grace and beauty that you deserve. Here is an Irish Blessing for you to enjoy: ♥♥♥

    Traditional Irish House Blessing:

    God bless the corners of this house
    And be the lintel blessed.
    Bless the hearth, the table too
    And bless each place of rest.
    Bless each door that opens wide
    To stranger, kith and kin;
    Bless each shining window-pane
    That lets the sunshine in.
    Bless the roof-tree up above
    Bless every solid wall.
    The peace of Man, the peace of love,
    The peace of God on all.

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    1. Marianne, I will have to print that out and frame it for my creative room. Thank you for such wonderful blessings. You are always such a kind person. Thanks for all your well wishes. We are worn out from the trip. We should be back in FL tomorrow. ❤


  6. Colleen, your house is beautiful! So glad things worked out so well for you. I will be looking forward to your posts from your new home. I am sure they will include the changing seasons, which you must be very excited about. I always look forward to the change, as each season here in Ohio brings not only a change in weather, but a change in color and texture here as well. Drive safely. Hugs, my dear friend.


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