#Writer’s Quote Wednesday

Please forgive me for sharing this, but this is the greatest honor to receive from a dear friend. ❤


I know Colleen missed me! I’m almost tempted to say she missed me more than I missed her. LOL! Good news is I’m back! It’s #WQW today, and before I went AWOL, I had promised her to do a quote that was Colleen-inspired.

Writer's Quote Wednesday_211015Further to one of my earlier quotes, Colleen said this and it was mind-blowing…I can bet you she didn’t even realised she had said something worth repeating. I will rehash it in our ears, as most of us need to be reminded that life will always offer us opportunities to exhibit our gifts. It is one thing to prepare for the time of your showing forth, another to be able to handle limelight and yet another to co-ordinate the times you are ‘just-you-without-the-cheering-maddening-crowd!’

But like Colleen encourages us, when you find the balance attached to your gifts, only then do you truly ENJOY that gift and become…

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15 thoughts on “#Writer’s Quote Wednesday

  1. Reading the comments both here and on the original post made me realize something about you, Colleen. You have the rare gift of making everyone feel as though they are important and special. I know how helpful and kind you have been to me and others. Once before, I’ve seen this with my friend Paula. She was the type of person who when she talked with someone she really listened to the point that everyone felt special in her company. Paula had a way about her that if she liked you she connected with you profoundly. I was only friends with her for a few years before she passed away and what did not go unnoticed by me at the time and even now is that nearly all the women in Paula’s circle of friends consider themselves to be Paula’s best friend. It is truly a gift to make someone feel that much affection and you, my friend, have that gift as well.

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    1. Lynne, I am blown away from your kind, amazing comments! I truly enjoy being part of this amazing virtual world. I am fulfilled by our interactions and worry that I don’t spend enough time with comments. You Lynn, are amazing. Look how far you have come with your writing since we started blogging. Keep spreading the joy. You have truly made my day! 💖🎃🎃🎃


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