WE Made It!

Silver moves in

Silver moves in this week!

We made it to Colorado Springs early this afternoon. Ron and I and Sugar and Spice are exhausted but exhilarated that we have finally achieved our destination. Here are a few photos from the trip north through New Mexico into Colorado: (I took these through the car window. The quality is not the best). Don’t forget to click on the photos to enlarge them. 😀

2015-11-01 09.06.14

New Mexico

2015-11-01 09.10.18

Climbing in elevation

2015-11-01 09.40.17

Welcome to Colorado!

2015-11-01 09.18.28

Up Ahead… a dusting of snow on the Rocky Mountains

2015-11-01 09.37.00

The scenery continues to change

2015-11-01 09.40.48

The sign says… BEAR Crossing!

2015-11-01 09.35.58

Colorado Springs – Straight Ahead!

I want to say a special THANK YOU to Melissa Barker-Simpson who not only is an amazing author, she is also a fantastic friend. I could not have accomplished this move without her kindness and friendship. Mel wrote numerous articles and stories for my blog while I was on the road traveling this last few weeks. I am forever grateful for such a great friend. <3

Tomorrow, we get the keys to our new house. I have no idea how long it will be until I have WiFi, so please be patient and know that I miss you all. Thank you for reading and I will see you all soon.


69 thoughts on “WE Made It!”

  1. What an amazing trip, Colleen. You should have videoed it. Your new place of home looks amazing and I’m so jealous of all that snow on the Rockies. I hope the move into the new house all goes well and that Ron, you and the girls are settled in really quickly.

    See you soon. <3

    • Thanks, Hugh! I just found out that I will be without internet until November 10th. Not bad, considering what you and John went through. I will be busy unpacking and organizing anyway, so that works. We will talk soon. Oh, they are prediciting snow showers on Thursday. We will see. <3

  2. Brilliant news and enjoy moving into your new home. 😀 Loved seeing the photos of your journey, yeah to living so close to the Rocky Mountains. Just mind those bears though!

    • Thanks, Annika. Wasn’t that sign great? I saw warning signs for antelope, elk, and even turkeys! LOL! Never a dull moment. 😀 I am so glad you enjoyed those photos. This is an amazing area and the fall color is spectacular!

  3. From alligators to bears. You pick strange neighbors. Glad you made it. Hope you get some rest tonight as you have many busy days ahead of you. Your photos are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more after you settle in. Hugs.

  4. I’m thrilled for you all, Colleen. Your photos are truly stunning and I love the ideas of bears crossing! We have deer and ducks here!
    Hope the move goes well and looking forward to seeing your new house pics.
    What a huge undertaking and well done. Have missed you. xxxx

  5. Colleen! Congrats on reaching Colorado and on being literally at the threshold of your new home! The photos are lovely! What a glorious part of this country! Much love to you as I try to unpack my boxes! Look forward to hearing from you when you’re back up and running on Internet. I too am only posting this on my phone since I won’t have wifi for two weeks!
    Take care and a big hug to you and your family!

    • Thanks, Lia and much love back at you. I hope your unpacking is speedy and without incident. We are SO excited. I hope to hear from you after your WiFi is connected and mine too. I am sad to miss NaNoWriMo this year, but what the heck life is what it is. Take care dear friend and I will connect with you on the other side in WiFi paradise! LOL. <3

      • Thank you my friend! So glad you’re there ! And yes, I’m eating up data minutes on my cell phone with no wifi these weeks! Yipes! This November is super special for you for a very big reason and I’m sorry you’ll miss NaNoWriMo but it’s completely understandable … Take care and big hugs, Lia

    • Wendy, it was an amazing drive this morning. Glorious blue skies, bleached blond grasses waving in the wind, and the Rocky Mountains kissed with snow! Heavenly! We are so happy to finally be here. I cannot tell you how happy we are. <3


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