Writer’s Quote Wednesday Weekly Wrap-Up from 10/28/15

Ronovan Writes Guest NaNoWriMoRonovan Guest NaNoWriMo

It’s different than you may be accustomed to. But it’s how I do my Reviews and Wrap-Ups. Click the blue links to check out the contributions. All very good this week. Below are my comments to them. If things get sort of thin here or there, blame it on the pain medication, blame on the rain, blame on the stars cause they shine at night, but whatever you do, don’t put the blame on you.

First in this week

Sue Vincent of Daily EchoThe Red Lady herself gives us a Samuel Goldwyn and How to Go Viral, and I am glad that’s all she be given us. Oh the poor woman and such an ungrateful son she has. But how dare she be so unkind as to say nay to the sweet little puppy. 😉

Ronovan-Wait, that’s me. Ronovan Writes gives us Annette Rochelle Aben‘s A Haiku Perspective. A brand new book of Haiku poetry with a true purpose attached to it.

Khansana of My Journey with Hijab: A Day Dreamer’s Diary brought us Rumi. Ooo, a nice one and such an insightful post to go with it. You must go and add your opinion. I so love the thinky ones. Ahem, I mean, Argh, she done good wid dis one. Yes, I know I’m a viking and not a pirate, but close enough. Don’t judge me. And have you visited her other blog? MmMMmMMm, next week we meet at her house. Yum! I may not complete the Wrap-Up now. O,O

France Otung of imanikingblog provided Peter this week. And yes, I am a huge fan, just so you know. And that quote applies in so many ways it boggles the mind. I greatly enjoyed the opening paragraph of the post. We forget that so often.

Greg of Potholes in the Road of Life is a Worry Warts this week, and well, hmm, we have a man named Paul and another named R. Whitson Seaman. A good dose of Anti Worry Wart medicine from the good Greg.

Lance Greenfield, Author of Eleven Miles gives us a post titled The Chrysalis Moment and quotes from Richard Bach. I must say I enjoyed the writing style and voice of this post a great deal. Very personable and fluid. Very nice.

Vashti Quiroz-Vega, The Writer Next Door. Her post is about Ambition, with several quotes from varied sources. I agree with her on this particular subject. Vashti is always so cruel to me. Sniff, sniff. I weep with the memories of her stabbing wit. Sigh. Okay, I suppose I should say I’m joking before people think I am serious. Most who have heard of me know I am NEVER serious. Well, maybe sometimes. Unfortunately Vashti knows she’s one of my favorite people and one of my earliest author interviews.

Elizabeth S. Tyree of Here there Be Dragons. This author and mother and educator and…oh and, and, and. AND! Okay, that’s out of my system. Anyway, she brings Burtonisms, as in Tim Burton. Several quotes. And she is now a teammate of Colleen, the Silver one on my site, LitWorldInterviews.com.

Jenn of Stories and Scribblings: quirky, sarcastic, and aggressively uncool. Yes, I had to include that last part. Isn’t that awesome? Jenn brings us John Lennon. Okay, John Lennon is so not uncool. Hmm. Man, a kid always steals the show.

Lisa of ZEN AND Π gives us E.B. White. AWESOME! Okay, I am calm now. This was so cool though. As a historian, and former history teacher I geeked reading this one. Yes, Vikings geek.

Janice of Ontheland. Mahatma Gandhi is the source of her quote this week. She also provides a poem from William Blake.

Lisa Tetting of Rebirth of Lisa gives us Anne Lamott. Short and to the point here. And a very true statement. And man does it make life a lot easier.

JazzyTower, JT, Jazz, you get the point, of Thoughts and Entanglements. Kind of sounds like my hair under the helmet. Okay, so I know initials are PR, I just like playing with Jazzy. So. Two Quotes, two sources. But only takes one click to get there. And that click would be HERE. Thoughts on writing.

Cathy Lynn Brooks. Jim Rohn is the quote source this week. OOOO, a good quote too. And I agree totally. (Does anyone else get a Breakfast Club movie flashback whenever they say or write the word ‘totally’ or is it just me?)

Unexpected in common hours. The source of the quote is Samuel Taylor Coleridge. If you know me, then you know I love a quote about poetry. And our blogger friend here is amazingly a not to far away neighbor of mine, as the crow flies so to speak.

Tessa Smeigh of Writing is my Life. Will Rogers is the inspiration here. Okay, this isn’t really funny but it shore is when it’s late at night, you have mega doses of pain meds for Fibromyalgia in you, and you’ve been NaNoWriMoing and blogging all day. I needed this one. And well, I’m just goofy enough to find the humor in this one, and Tessa’s added comments to it made it even funnier.

Lynne Brown of from the sticks to the bricks and back again. Wow, that’s one long blog title. But oh so fer rizzle. Anne Rice. A nice one to end October with. I have a collection of original comics signed by her of The Vampire Lestat I won many, many years ago when I was an avid comic book collector. This post is a very good one to begin NaNoWriMo with as well. Exellent.

Annie of Gentle Kindness gives us Ralph Waldo Emerson but there is more there than just him.

Ameena of Randoms by a Random. Gotta love some Gaiman, Neil Gaiman that is. An interesting and thought provoking post.

Yuliya of Tiny Expats. Okay, so she doesn’t actually have a quote but she linked back because of her one year blog anniversary. I read her About page. I am exhausted. OMgoodness, have you seen the picture of her little girls on her About page? I gonna go all mushy right now. O,O 

Ronovan Guest NaNoWriMo

Ronovan Guest NaNoWriMo


Ronovan Guest NaNoWriMo








Much Respect, Much Love


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