Writer’s Quote Wednesday Weekly Wrap-Up from 11/04/15

Writer's Quote Wednesday Wrap-Up

It’s different than you may be accustomed to. But it’s how I do my Reviews and Wrap-Ups. Click the blue links to check out the contributions. All very good this week. Below are my comments to them.

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First in this week

Arcane Owl of A Wayward Scribblez flies in with Charles de Lint. A quote that speaks to the writer in every single solitary one of us. And judging from the comment responses I believe a quote that touched just the right chord with many.

Ronovan from the Ronovan Writes blog shares with us Cesare Pavese quote about love and pain. Two subjects he is quite familiar with. He was actually first in this week, but he somehow thinks he had an unfair advantage. I don’t know why he says that.

Ronovan, guest posting on Meanings and Musings, the blog of Florence Thum. Yes, I got around a bit last week. Two blogs of my friends and LWI team members who needed some coverage. This week I chose a series of quotes about Woman.

Marje (Love this woman silly.) of Kyrosmagica brought it with a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr as well as one of her own. The first I believe has been removed from the subject of which it speaks to, and the second may apply to so many situations including those writing in NaNoWriMo or any other vein at this time.

Greg of Potholes in the Road of Life offers words of wisdom from Charles Haddon Spurgeon regarding character. Each time I see mention of character it reminds me of a story about Peyton Manning. But that’s for another time, and I have it in my Contemporary Southern Romance that is in editing now. Visit Greg and check it out. A solid quote to live by. (Now I have the old Ashford and Simpson song Solid as Rock going through my mind.)

I figured if I had it annoying me, I just needed to share with others. Muahahahaha!!! Evil and Maniacal Laugh!

Cathy Lynn Brooks. Maya Angelou always has something inspiring to say. This week Cathy gives us one of Angelou’s quotes that pushes us to reach our peak.

Lisa Tetting of Rebirth of Lisa gives us Emily Dickinson. I think this one speaks to living in the here and now. A very good one. One we should all read, think about for a moment, and consume to nourish the soul and then feed our bodies to live by. (Wow, I went all like zen, spiritual, mindful like there. Man, I need Colleen to get back soon before I get in touch with my inner being or something. Darnit, Colleen, I’m a sappy love guy, not in touch with my inner being guy.)

Kristin Elise Garrett of Pursuit of A New Adventure. Ah, we have I believe a character quote this week, and from someone I am quite certain is an amazing author. The quote is from the character Coralina. I think I have done part of this quote. I only wish I had done the other. Then the other would have been worth it from having done the other other. Aha, how was that for confusion and delay?

Khansana of My Journey with Hijab: A Day Dreamer’s Diary brought us Rabia Basari. I have to agree with those quotes, although that second one, well, I gotta get my sleep on at times.. And have you visited her other blog? Yum!

Jenn of Stories and Scribblings: quirky, sarcastic, and aggressively uncool. NaNoWriMo inspiration from a Wrimo herself. This goes for pretty much anyone about anything though. Happy Life.

Yecheilyah Ysrayl of Pearls Before Swine. A wonderful idea here, quoting an Indie Author. Anyone who knows me knows I support Indie Authors in a big way. Jahnavi Chintakunta is the author. A very good reminder for all of us in the writing world, and great information about Chintakunta included in the post. Fascinating. Seriously. You’ll find the link to her own blog in the post and a link to her awesomely named book Ctrl+Alt+Delete. You know you want to know what that’s about.

Janice of Ontheland. Dick Van Dyke  has a great quote about how to stay young. Also the 90gernarian should know. There is a video included of everyone’s favorite chimney sweep showing his stuff.

Sarina of Shining Seeds joins in with Mahatma Gandhi. A reason behind the giving of the quote for all of you this week, primarily to do with writing.

Meredith of Meredith’s Musings is the longest running participant of my Weekly Haiku Challenge that is now in its 70th week. She and her sister Martha are called the Literary Angels for their talent and demeanor. I think of them and either I think of sweetness, as M&M often brings such thoughts to many peoples minds, and I think of poetry and class. This week Meredith gives us Joseph Campbell, born in 1904, and actually provides a video of the audio of his conversation about the topic she narrowed in on, Bliss. Campbell may have been a polarizing figure but as with all such figures sometimes they get something right and something wrong, this one I agree with in the quote itself.

Elizabeth S. Tyree of Here there Be Dragons. This week we receive a lesson and quotes of Fairy Tales. We are show some personal insights into the meanings of well known fairy tales by using quotes to sum up such writings. If Disney had thought of this, there movies would much shorter.

Lisa of ZEN AND Π gives us Anne Frank. A very good history of Anne Frank and the why children need to continue to read her. BUT THAT IS NOT the reason for the quote. The quote itself and the reasoning behind its choice is why I like this quote.

Unexpected in common hours. The source of the quote is C.S. Lewis. I feel this one has much to do with being a writer. I at times feel just this way. How else to explain the thoughts that come to mind? That was rhetorical? Thank you very much. Find out a brief history and what C.S. stands for without having to search for it.

Lynne Brown of from the sticks to the bricks and back again. William Arthur Ward. A very good one. I enjoyed the quote but the words given to explain its choosing were even better.

Frances Otung of imanikingblog with Dr. Cindy Trimm. A very thought provoking quote and post. I agree and I wish people did and put this in to reality more often. If so, the world would work so much better.

Alka Girdhar of Magnanimous Word. Gives us a quote from Every friend and relative of a writer.

Sue Vincent of Daily Echo. One of my favorite people I’ve met through the course of blogging, and interviewing. She brings us Christopher Reeve. Did she cheat? Yes she did and she openly admits it. And rightfully and proudly should. CLICK THROUGH AND FIND OUT WHY! And if not, click HERE and follow a brand new blog that’s important our friend Sue.

Lance Greenfield, Author of Eleven Miles gives us a post titled The Power of Vulnerability and a quote from Ernest Hemingway. There is great truth here and to accomplish that which has been shared is a difficult thing. It can bring pain but in the long run you have a clear heart and mind and ultimately respect.

JazzyTower, JT, Jazz, you get the point, of Thoughts and Entanglements. Two quotes. I found the first amusing and so true. The second is also true and something to live by. Click HERE to go there.

Tessa Smeigh of Writing is my Life. John Lennon is the inspiration here. This quote nails life as we know it. Over the past couple of decades I think life has gone from 55 MPH to 85 MPH and that means people are doing 95 MPH. Things are flashing by and we don’t even see the billboards along the roadside long enough any longer for them to be worth paying for advertising.

Much Respect, Much Love


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