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Writer's Quote Wednesday Ronovan
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Mark Twain on Character
“A man’s character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation.”
Mark Twain
I am big about character. And about the language a person chooses to use. There is also a saying that you can discern a person’s intellect from the words they use. This is more along the lines of their common sense intellect, their civility intellect, and their respect for others intellect. Yes, I know polite and well mannered people can be serial killers. Those make the best characters in books. See what I did there? Character and character? No? Sigh.
Many will find it shocking but I don’t curse/cuss/swear/or profane. Years ago when I discovered my son was on his way into the world, I decided if I was going to tell him not to do something, then I would not be a hypocrite. It turned out language and many other life choices were a lot easier to change than I thought. And oddly enough, I do feel somewhat more intelligent. Not more intelligent than others but more intelligent than I was.
I convey this to my writing as well. Characters in books don’t have to speak stereotypical ways. I use language, sentence structure, length of sentences and pace to show anger and excitement where some will use profanity. I’m not saying people can’t do it, it’s simply my choice. Also, the words don’t come to mind to use when a person is angry in a book. Once you don’t use certain words you just don’t use them. Not every low income person is going to sound illiterate. That’s what people assume they sound like. Some do, but then so do some children from wealthy families. I’ve been in the school systems. I know.
Character does a lot of things for a person and you must work at it for a long time in order for it become a habit.
Much Respect

33 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday-Mark Twain”

  1. Yeh.it’s not just me then?…..My dad used to say ” If they are the only words you can find to speak then don’t..keep quiet….However my youngest doesn’t and generally apologises( to me ) at the end of sentence..can’t work that one out…Have a nice day 🙂

  2. Camel Back Day? Ha, ha! That’s so cute. I like the quote, although, I’m not sure if I agree with it 100%. I love a man with an elegant manner of speaking but I’ve known people who have not had the opportunity for higher learning and are not very articulate, yet they have amazing characters. 😉


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