#Mindful Monday – “With a Little Help from My Friends”

Welcome to Mindful Monday! Each week I try to examine new or sometimes old things about myself. I have found that being mindful encompasses the act of being watchful, aware, wary, heedful, alert, careful, or attentive, in whatever area in my life I feel it applies to, as I attempt to live in the present. Come and join me on my journey. You never know what you will learn about yourself.

The best things in life aren’t things – they’re friends. Friends are the people who come into your life and touch your soul with their laughter and kindness. Real friends are the people who help you attain greatness as a person. I am honored and blessed to have two such friends, writer and author, Melissa Barker-Simpson and writer and author, Ronovan, from Ronovan Writes.

While I was absent from my blog the last month or so, occupied with my move to Colorado, these two fine friends stepped onto the pages of Silver Threading and wrote blog posts from the heart. They gave me something precious, their time. To Mel and Ronovan:

There have been countless blog posts written that state the opinion that bloggers are not really friends. They are just people who you communicate with online. You don’t normally meet them in person, so they really are just virtual friends. I happen to disagree with that line of thought.

The many writers that I have gotten to know in our WordPress community since I started blogging, have become extraordinary friends to me. They have lifted me up and encouraged me. On top of that, these friends were not afraid to tell me what they truly think and feel. In fact, as in the case of Mel and Ronovan, I always feel like they have my back!

Did you ever consider that in many ways we know our blogging friends better than their own families know them? This is because we actually read what each other writes. We share a deeper connection because we bear our souls through our written words. We recognize that need for expression and acknowledge it though our comments on each other’s blogs. Sometimes those words are all that writer needs to reach out and try something new. This creates a chain reaction and friendship blooms.

Dr. Kathleen Hall from the mindfullivingnetwork.com, in her article called, “Building Authentic Friendships,” states:

“An authentic friendship goes beyond the surface-level pleasantries; it requires us to break down the walls we’ve built up to protect ourselves. In authentic friendships, there are genuine heart-to-heart discussions, in which we are both honest and empathetic. There is also understanding and respect, and everyone is free to be whom they are without feeling judged or unloved.”

“This type of friendship seems simple to achieve, but it’s rather rare. With the rise of social media, we constantly find ourselves connected with other people, but the connection is usually superficial with little meaning behind it. Social media also makes it easier for us to isolate ourselves. Many of our are too busy trying to make connections through our computers and smartphones, that we forget that strong friendships are more likely to develop through personal interaction.”

Never believe that friendship doesn’t exist in the virtual blogging world. Late this summer in the U.K. Hugh, from Hugh’s Views and News, posted an amazing video of the First Annual Blogger’s Bash. Click the link to meet a bunch of bloggers who became friends by meeting on-line.

Friendship does exist in the blogging community. If you are lucky enough to find it, please nurture it and remember to say, “Thank You.” Take the time to encourage others. It will come back to you tenfold!

My long journey from Florida to Colorado is finally over. I have missed all of you greatly. Thank you for being part of my life here on Silver Threading. I am happy to call you friends!

Would you like to share your mindfulness journey with others? If you are interested in sharing your goals or aspirations, I want to highlight your journey here on Silver Threading. Please send me an email at silverthreading@gmail.com and I will be happy to feature you on a guest post.


Remember, this is not a challenge.  This is an offering of support.  If you would like to join in with your own Mindful Monday goals you can do so in the comments, or on a separate post of your own making.  If you want to link back to my post, please feel free to do so, however, it is not necessary.  My main aim here is to give and get support to become more mindful of the things I take for granted in my life.

78 thoughts on “#Mindful Monday – “With a Little Help from My Friends””

  1. Welcome back and with a great post…it is very true that you can make great friends through media and it’s lovely the knowledge we share with each other of other cultures, recipes so much I certainly feel blessed 🙂 Have a lovely day 🙂

  2. What a beautiful post, Colleen. I always love your Mindful Monday posts, but this is precious, it truly is. Ronovan and I do have your back and I am so grateful we had the opportunity to show that love and respect because, as all the comments show – this online community of friends is a valuable thing. We put our heart into our words, and we truly connect with one another – whether that is by sharing our fears, our accomplishments, or just our day to day lives. We rely on one another, and share a part of ourselves others don’t get to see. If that’s not a definition of friendship, I don’t know what is. While I’m here for you any time, it’s wonderful to have you back. I missed you, my friend, and I’m looking forward to hearing about your glorious new home <3

  3. Reblogged this on kyrosmagica and commented:
    Colleen’s Mindful Monday post caught up with me today on a Tuesday, which happens to be my birthday!!! I have to say Colleen’s post celebrating the help and support she has had, is one of the reasons why I blog, the sense of community in the blogging world is immense. So I just had to reblog this and share this lovely cheery message.

  4. This is such a lovely post Colleen and I agree with you wholeheartedly I have found the blogging community to be very friendly and supportive, and it has been such a joy to meet many bloggers at the Bloggers Bash in person and match up faces and personalities to their blogs. I look forward to the next bash (hope I will be able to go again, and that there will be some new faces this coming year from overseas!) It would be lovely if you could come Colleen…. if only we had a magic wand to transport us now that would be a wonderful asset for a blogger to have!

  5. Nice to see you back, Colleen. Yes, I agree that the connections and friendships don’t depend on where you meet or socialise but on the depth of the connection and blogging is a wonderful opportunity to share other people’s experiences. Looking forward to sharing this new stage.

  6. Welcome back Colleen, I have missed you, I agree with you. Online friends are wonderful having the same qualities as our friends in our offline friends but also a few more besides. As you mentioned, we open ourselves up through our blogging and writing and reveal a lot more than we might to others. The fact that our blogging community is still there for us supporting and understanding gives them a very special place in my heart, Thank you for being one of those people 🙂

  7. Welcome back and what a post to start us all commenting! Sounds like you are in your new home and enjoying the snow! I do not think I could exist without my blogging friends and I value them all, Colleen, including you! I have met other online friends through Facebook via a game, that I consider friends, although I doubt I will ever meet them face to face.

  8. Welcome back, Colleen! We missed you! What a fitting tribute you’ve written today to Melissa and Ronovan who showed their friendship and support in your absence from your blog while you were moving! Indeed their friendship goes well beyond the limits of cyberspace … As you say, since we bloggers share the written word with one another, I believe that it is a direct way to read what is engraved inside our hearts and souls. I must say that the friendship we have built in the blogosphere is a true one and a real one, although I have yet to share a cup of coffee or to take a walk in the mountains with you! Who knows maybe one day we will be able to do so in person! I’m so glad they are Mindful Mondays are back and this time in Colorado style:))
    Sending you all my very best wishes to you and your family as you cross the threshold into your new lovely home.!

  9. Perfectly stated Colleen. And the thought that came to me was how we really get to speak our full thoughts and the blogging friends really listen (and there you have written ‘I’m listening’). There’s something special about written communication. It may not be pen and paper and the potential may be there for the whole world to read our words, but it nonetheless is personal conversation shared between special friends. I have also met blogging friends for real and they were as genuine and lovely as they presented themselves to be, as I believed they would be. Different strokes for different folks, but with my WP pals, it is the real deal.

    • I love how you said this, Melissa! My thoughts exactly, except you said it better. 😍 I love how we all connect no matter how we look, what we believe, or how we say it. There is something special in how we accept each other. I seldom read something I don’t find enlightening in some way on our blogs. It’s all perspective and understanding. I love that! 💗

  10. I guess the thing to say is “welcome back.” Yes, Hugh’s event in London does prove that bloggers can be friend (at least I didn’t hear of any fights breaking out!

  11. Welcome back Colleen. Your blog has been well cared for in your absence. I think blogging friends are just as important as others.
    A great post as always. Now you can get back into your routine.xxxx

  12. Hi Colleen, welcome back to Planet Blog. It’s great to have you back. What a fantastic post to come back with. You’ve so hit the nail on the head with your words about the friendships that develop here on WordPress. When I first came here and started my blog, I was so overwhelmed by the help and support I was offered. It completely knocked me for six! Now, many people here are what I consider as good close friends. I sometimes think just how wonderful it would be if our blogging communities were physical towns and we all lived in the same area. I can only imagine it would be a perfect place to live in.

    Thank you very much for the mention in the post. I appreciate it very much.

    Hope you’ve finally settled in at your new home and I look forward to hearing all about it.

    • Hugh, you have said my feelings exactly. I am closer to many of you than my real friends. Much of this is do to our shared interests. We are so lucky to have met each other. I know I am honored! It feels good to be back. 💗💗💗

  13. Excellent post. I hear the ‘online friends are not real friends’ all the time. Never makes sense because these are still people I talk with, share life events with, and do everything except physically get together with. Not sure why this is considered less of a friendship than long distance ones that depend on the phone. Distance shouldn’t really be a factor.

  14. Lovely to have you back and I’m looking forward to hearing more about your new home – and I’m sure you will have some fabulous photos to show us.
    You are right in saying real friendship does exist in the blogging community. I have ‘met’ and become good friends with several people.

  15. Totally agree in everything, Colleen! The quote says it all. The most important people are the ones who bring out the best in us – no matter in which way. They are our soul mates and meant to meet. Through the internet we have more possiblities to meet. That doesn’t mean it is less real. As I can tell from my own experience. The heart knows. If we feel like friends we truly are. I never doubted it but even got that confirmed through meeting WP friends in person. Love your post, Colleen!
    Already settled? I am surprised you have time for such long posts again! 😀

  16. Happy to note you are all settled in and back in the blogosphere again. It is something to think about that bloggers do indeed are privy to and share our inmost thoughts through our writing more than family may do 🙂 and yes there is a ‘connection’ with some even tho you may never meet.
    Looking forward to stories of your move.

  17. Lovely to have you back, Colleen! Though your blog has been well looked after by your friends. I agree… how could I not with all the support and friendship offered to me and my son? ….while many online connections are superficial, some online friendships are as deep and true.


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