Every Author Needs an Author Media Kit

I love books! I also love reading and reviewing books. Why? Here are a few of my favorite reasons.

  1. I get to read great literature from new authors.
  2. I usually get these books as complimentary copies.
  3. I like to promote new authors and their work.
  4. I get immense satisfaction from all of the above!

However, lately I have been running across a situation that is prevalent with new authors. This is the lack of a media kit or a prepared biography including social media links that we book reviewers use to promote an author’s works.

In other words, help us promote your material. I know I have spent countless hours searching for information on authors on the internet. These searches take time and effort.

Every author should have this information saved on their computer so that they can retrieve it whenever it is requested. I have an area on Silver Threading called, “Submit a book for Silver’s Reviews.”

I ask for your name, email (required), website, the link to your book on Amazon or other sources (required), a link to your author website and a link to three of your favorite social media profiles. In addition, I ask for your author biography, a photo of the author, and a book blurb (all required).

I also use the same information when I am doing my Sunday, “Authors Supporting Authors” posts.

Here is a link from Jo Robinson, author and contributing writer on Lit World Interviews that talks about what to put in your social media author kit. Another great website to search for help is Chris the Story Reading Ape’s blog. There are tons of resources available to authors on WordPress.

HELP us, HELP you! It takes a village to sell books! Put your Author Media Kit together today and don’t be afraid to share it!

Remember Silver loves a good book!

Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed seeing you all today.






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