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I saw on the weather broadcast for Thanksgiving Day that northern California was finally receiving some relief from the drought. Heavy snowfall was falling in an attempt to remedy some of the worst drought conditions ever recorded in our history.

Ronovan’s words for the week are “life and give,” quite fitting for Thanksgiving week. As a tribute to this devastating drought, these words came to mind:

“Crystal Snowflakes”

Crystal Snowflakes

We can only hope that the devastation that this drought has wrought on the land will soon end. That is something that we all can be thankful for.

Thanks for stopping by to visit. I loved seeing all of you!

Colleen Chesebro is an author currently writing her debut novel, “The Swamp Fairy,” which is a magical coming of age tale about a fourteen-year-old orphan girl who finds the real meaning of family. Colleen shares her poetry, photography, and fiction on her blog, Silver Threading. Combining the love of her online family and the written word, Colleen sponsors Writer’s Quote Wednesday where authors are encouraged to share their favorite writers quote each week. In addition, journey with her into Mindful Monday sharing mindfulness tips for everyone. In her spare time, Colleen is also a book reviewer writing Silver’s Book Reviews. She is part of the team and contributes reviews to


  1. In response to the need for more fluid in your area, I am hereby forwarding any and all snow we were anticipating, your way. No need for a specific address, I will merely allow the snow to have fun finding those parched areas and settle in! Cheers 🙂

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  2. Great Haiku.. Good news the drought is breaking for you. We certainly need a drought breaker in in South East Australia, with our hottest year on record, El Nino kicking in and rarely does it rain

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  3. We are heading into a drought here in Central Victoria, Australia, I think. We don’t get snow here (not normally) and it’s hard for me to imagine a drought breaking with snow instead of rain! Love your Haiku, Colleen. Thanks for dropping in to my blog.

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    1. Christine, how nice to meet you. Yes, the mountains in California get the snow first which eventually becomes water for the entire state. It is a sad state of affairs. I live in Colorado and we have our own issues with drought. As you can see, we have been getting much-needed snow here in the mountains. I hope your drought breaks. It is hard on everyone. Take care. ❤

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