Colorado Snow Art

A coating of snow and frost on our oak tree

Nature’s artwork is amazing!

More snow predicted for tonight! We are loving this weather! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Thanks for stopping by,



    1. We had fog this morning so thick I could not see across the street. Suddenly… it was gone. I love the changing of the weather in the mountains. You just never know what it will give you next. I bet your nephew had a blast. More snow predicted for tonight! ❤

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      1. Nowadays my nephew loves skiing in France or such, down the black slopes!! Oh I do love snow just not the hassles it causes the country. Are you becoming used to the cold and snow now? You seem excited and happy about it. 😃

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  1. That’s a magnificent image, and your new site layout is pretty fabulous too! It reminded me of our snow fall last year, which was pretty heavy. When it started to melt, and the snow on the branches of a bush in my garden began to fall off, it formed the shape of a face. I’ll have to try and dig out the image – I have a slight obsession with seeing faces in things!

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          1. Oh that would be fun wouldn’t it? You know I am putting up a Christmas tree this year. Really it is for Hugh, so we can celebrate across the continents. We should do a Christmas Tree post from around the world! ❤

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