Christmas Trees Around the World

Image credit: Princess Sassy Pants & Co. Facebook Page

Welcome to Christmas Trees Around the World, my first adventure in spreading peace and joy during the holiday season. I got this idea from all the great photos on Facebook that people are sharing of their Christmas trees and decorations. What fun!

Although I do not celebrate Christmas in the traditional sense, (we are Buddhist) I have put up a Christmas tree in my home here in Colorado to celebrate our first Christmas in the mountains.

I thought it would be a great way to share photos of our Christmas trees with the rest of the world and see how other people observe the holiday. Traditional or just plain fun, share your photos!

Here’s an example of a tree I found on Facebook from 3dfirstaid Visual Architecture Magazine

If you would like to join in, please do a ping-back to this post. A ping-back is when you copy the HTTP:// address of this blog post and place it on your own post.

All you have to do is your own post called, Christmas Trees Around the World. Share a photo of your Christmas tree and any decorations that you enjoy. Make sure to say where you live so we can see how people around the world celebrate. Link your post to mine and we are on our way!

On the winter solstice, December 22, 2015, I will do a wrap-up of all our Christmas tree photos of those that participated. Bottom line… have fun and spread Christmas joy!

Our first Christmas tree in Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Here is my Mini-Christmas village that my children and grandchildren loved setting up each year when they were home. This year, I set it up by myself. Although Sugar and Spice, my Pomeranians did cheer me on.

This is my favorite Christmas ornament. I bought this in the early 1980’s in England when I was stationed at RAF Lakenheath, UK. It was imported from behind the Berlin Wall back in the days when the wall still stood. It represents freedom to me still today.

I can’t wait to see all of your Christmas trees!

Thanks for stopping by. I sure enjoyed spending time with you!

Take Care


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