A Mexican Christmas Tree

Wow! Here is Judy’s tree from Mexico! Feliz Navidad! 😀 ❤

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                                       A Mexican Christmas Tree

Although I’m not a Mexican citizen, I’ve lived in Mexico for 14 years and I do have permanent residency.  My tree, however, is influenced by a number of places I’ve lived and traveled.


The tree and most of the ornaments were handmade in Mexico––either by artisans or myself.


The straw ornaments including the woven garland were made in Mexico–in Tzintzuntzan or elsewhere, as were the miniature pinata ornaments such as the purple one that is front and center in this picture. The tiny silk animals and children, I bought in Hong Kong and Taiwan in 1968. The knitted children and animals I bought in mainland China in 1979.


I made the copper disk and rectangle ornaments and bought the silver-colored eagle and other pressed-aluminum ornaments in the Santa Cruz flea market.

I made  flowers such as the one shown above  out of  egg cartons.


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