Christmas Musings – The Christmas Tree, When, why and why not?

Learn more about the history of the Christmas Tree from this great article. I learned a few things, hope you do too! ❤

The Curious Archaeologist

Over the past couple of days several blogs I follow have mentioned Christmas Trees (Christmas trees from around the world , 5 Sacred Symbols of Christmas and Quotes and trees) and even though some members of my family have some less than fortunate memories associated with them Tooling around, they are certainly a suitable subject for my blog so I thought I would talk about them now.

Just about everybody who mentions Christmas Trees talks about them as being a Victorian introduction to Britain, and credits Prince Albert with the introduction, since they originated in Germany. Of those three statements two are completely wrong, and one is more or less right. The one that is more or less right is that they originated in Germany, certainly they originated in what is now Germany but when they first appeared Germany was divided into many separate, independent and frequently…

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