Authors Supporting Authors: Meet Author, Louise Findlay

From Louise Findlay books:

Want to delve into other worlds of witchcraft and sorcery? Do you love the middle ages with knights and prophecies? Crave the supernatural with angels and fairies? Fall down the dark path with demons and vampires. Want a fun, loving prank with tricksters like goblins? Look no further.

Peruse the many pages of this website that detail my writing whether short story, novella or poem.

Whether you want to keep up to date on my writing, read some self-publishing tips or find a good book reviewed by me, my blog is your best bet.

Meet my friend, Louise Findlay, a fantasy writer who creates short tales about supernatural creatures and the adventures they embark upon. I met her at Melissa Barker Simpson’s mid-week writing event called, “Mel’s Midweek Writing Menagerie.”

Louise writes fantasy (generally short stories) and inspirational poetry. She enjoys reading and writing about mythological creatures such as angels and demons but has a soft spot for vampires.

Louise is currently in the midst of writing a vampire novella about two vampire clans whose deputy’s clash in a big way, entitled A Spy in the Sagax Vampires.” You can access this book by clicking on the link.

Here is what the book is about:

“The world is in musical order. To maintain balance, a team of Government Agents, named Harmony, track down, experiment on and sometimes kill those who express the music of dissonance.

Those like Psycha, a duel Discord of Vyla and Sios; a prime lab rat to Harmony. Being able to disrupt harmony by voice and hands alone makes Psycha far more dangerous than the usual Discord. Will she run into trouble trying to protect her boyfriend, Caleb? Will her desire to destroy Harmony prove fatal for her? What will be left of her if she ever gets captured?”

Louise has come up with a fascinating marketing idea. She is using a platform called “PATREON,” which is a crowd funding platform for all artists. Louise’s serialized story is a part of a ‘Patreon exclusive’ called Louise’s Fantasy Adventures.

It’s only available by supporting her with payment of $1 or $3 per short story which you only receive at

Supporters ‘patrons’ will be charged whenever she releases a short story to them (in PDF format) and can set a monthly max. $1 patrons receive a guaranteed short story a month and any other short works. The $3 a month patrons receive works with collectible covers, deleted scenes and both short and long works.

Louise’s author page at Patreon shares:

“I write mainly short stories though I dabble in poems, fanfiction pieces and occasionally novellas. An excerpt of some of the works you’ll receive will be featured on KJ Hawkins’ blog.

You can also read my fanfiction pieces which are set in worlds such as Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and Once Upon A Time for free at

Your help will keep my website (where you can find other works of mine) running, aid in the creation of awesome book covers by using high quality stock images, and in my being able to release collections of my short stories, poems and longer works in print.

In exchange, you’ll be able to read all my works for free, receive exclusive stories only available to those who support me and be able to collect exclusive covers.

If you are looking for another way to market your writing, Patreon may be something that works for you. I think it is worth checking out!

Here are some other ways to connect with Louise:

Twitter at

Facebook at

Thanks for popping in to meet Louise!


5 thoughts on “Authors Supporting Authors: Meet Author, Louise Findlay

  1. Thanks a lot, Colleen for your wonderful post. I’m excited to try out Patreon, grabbing the idea from fellow indie author, Renee Scattergood and her Patreon page, and hope it might inspire other authors.

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