How to Use Emotional Appeal to Give Readers All the Feels | Better Novel Project

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Christine’s note: This is a guest post by Kaitlin Hillerich from Why do you love your favorite book? Yes, it probably has realistic characters and a fabulous plot. Maybe it’s set in a magical world or a country you love. Maybe it’s packed with action or has a mind-bending mystery. But what made it stick with you long after you had turned the final page? Maybe you can’t quite place your finger on it. Chances are, though, I’m willing to bet you felt something when you read it. You had an emotional connection. And that’s what makes a story endearing. The Magic of Emotion What a lot of beginning writers tend to overlook is that reading is not just an intellectual activity, but also an emotional one. One of the very reasons we read is to feel. Through the hero, we want to experience love, sorrow, pain, joy, and fear. There’s a reason why people love romance and horror genres! And there’s a reason why there’s something satisfying about a book that makes us cry, as strange as it might sound. Whether we realize it or not, when we pick up a book we are seeking an emotional experience. A book that fails to make you feel is not only empty but forgettable. If you want to write a story that will stick in your readers’ memory, you need to engage them emotionally. Now, I’m not talking about simply killing off a character or having your hero’s dog get hit by a car. Though these would certainly stir up some feels, you need to go beyond having a handful of emotional scenes scattered throughout your story. To really make your story hit readers in the heart (or gut), your idea itself must be emotionally appealing in some aspect. So […]

Source: How to Use Emotional Appeal to Give Readers All the Feels | Better Novel Project


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