Defining Your GOALS for 2016 – What Do You Really Want Out of Your Writing?

Hi, everybody! I have had a highly successful week of writing in between the Christmas holiday and New Year’s Eve. I have hit the half way mark in my novel, The Swamp Fairy, and am excited about how it is all coming together. I actually started from the first transcript I wrote and reworked the entire story. It is going to be an amazing adventure! I am just at the 20,000+ word mark and well on my way!

By the way, if anyone ever told you that writing a book is easy, make sure to tell them they do not have a clue about writing a novel! I am loving this journey and learning a ton in the process. I find myself dreaming of what I am going to write next! I have had to work hard at shutting my mind down so that I can get some much-needed sleep.

That brings me to defining my goals for 2016 as it pertains to my writing and my blog. I had to think hard and long about what I could realistically accomplish. I made a list that seemed to go on forever and ever! I knew that would not work so I started really looking at what I knew in my heart I could accomplish.

Here are the top 5 items I came up with that I think are doable in real life for me to advance my writing career:

  1. Publish my book by my birthday, April 18th. This is my protagonist’s birthday in the novel also, so I believe that will be a way for my readers to associate with my character and her story. Stay tuned because I have other exciting things to share about my character and the book coming up in the near future!
  2. Continue my journey with Mindful Monday – Healthy Living. This gives me a way to explore more about myself and actually helps me with my writing and daily life. I hope my readers will continue to be as inspired as I am from all the great comments and the journey’s that we all share together.
  3. Write MORE poetry! I want to explore other forms of poetry. The Poetry Foundation has an excellent list of all the poetic forms with definitions. Click here to take a look!
  4. Participate in more creative writing challenges and explore different genres.
  5. Continue hosting Writer’s Quote Wednesday. Who else has a WordPress event where the participants post quotes whether I do or not? How cool is that? I have the best bunch of quote finders in the world! ❤ Inspiration is at an all time high! However, I would like to ask for someone to take over the Quote Wrap-Up for me on a regular basis. It is time-consuming, however, it does bring some great traffic to your blog. Please let me know if you would be interested in the comments of this post. After a year and a half, I would love to see a fresh take on sharing the quotes!

I want to spend more time perfecting my workflow this year too. I need to spend less time on social media and more time concentrating on my writing. I have worked so hard to build a readership for my blog that I find my time for writing has suffered. That means that I will be doing more re-blogging of excellent blog articles that I find in the blogosphere instead of playing on Facebook. 😉 That will give me the extra time to write book reviews!

That’s it! A simple straight forward list of goals that I WILL accomplish this year. How about you? Do you have a list of goals that you hope to attain this year? I would love to hear how you are planning to meet your goals!

I want to take this time to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I feel like 2016 is going to be the best year yet! Thank you for following Silver Threading. I wish you all great happiness and success in the upcoming year! GO FOR IT!



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