A New Beginning

My goal this year is to write some flash fiction each week. New Year – New Goals. If you would like to join my friend Melissa Barker-Simpson on Featured Fiction, here are the rules!

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The prompt for Monday 4 January 2016 is:

Sentence Starter –

“Someone once told me the first day of a new  year is akin to a restart button – I wish things were that simple.” It just seemed that too much had happened in the past year for me to start all over again. I was tired and worn out and ready to just leave things as they were, to let sleeping dogs lay…

James had packed his bags and left without even saying goodbye. Maybe that was just the thing I needed to realize that it was time for me to reassess my life and where I was going. For whatever reason, new beginnings always seemed to be concealed as painful endings. Mine was painful alright. Painful in the knowledge that the whole thing was my fault.

I was the one that had drifted away in our relationship. I always wanted more. James wanted less, or maybe I should say, he wanted less of me wanting to have it all. My work was important to me. I was tired of always playing second fiddle to his demands. I just could not meet up to James’ standards and what he wanted in a woman. I was tired of hiding the real me.

I sat, staring out the window, watching the snow drift and blow down the desolate street. My dark thoughts matched the weather. My cup of coffee had long gone cold just as my relationship had. How fitting, I thought as I grabbed the cup and dumped the dark brown remains down the sink. Goodbye, coffee, and goodbye James.

It was finished. Final. I knew what I had to do. I had to move forward by going back. It was time to revisit my past!

I paced the room thinking of my next step. I knew I had hidden all the evidence of my past in the steamer trunk in the attic at the top of the stairs. It was time to act and take matters back into my own hands! I felt the mysterious calling rise from deep within my beating heart.

I crept up the back stairs and pulled the retractable staircase down from the ceiling. My excitement grew the closer I got to the entrance of the attic where I had hidden my life before James. The attic light switched on easily, flooding the dim recesses of the room.

The steamer trunk was just as I had left it, unopened with gray dust covering the lid. Bits of powder stirred in the still air reflecting light like so much cosmic dust in the atmosphere. Dust particles settled in the blackness of my hair. Electricity seemed to course through my veins.

I knelt down reverently as I lifted the lid, remembering a time long ago when I was still a novice. I still got the same thrill. My black gown and wand were still intact, waiting, knowing they were a part of me, as much as I was a part of them.

A deep humming began to fill my ears as my wand seemed to recognize my touch. I imagined a light green light glowed from the tip sending a thrill down into my arm stirring my subconscious memories. The gown slipped over my head and I felt the old feeling stirring. It was almost sensual, and so much more satisfying than what I had felt with James.

I was back. No more hiding for me. Tonight, I would experience the sound of music once more filling my ears. I was ready to conduct the orchestra of my dreams. I held the baton high and felt the rush of the music as it swept me to another plane, another existence.

A bit of fanciful flash fiction prompted by the amazing video above.

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41 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. This is wonderful, Colleen. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I love the pacing and the twist – the way it teased the senses, especially with the wonderful twist. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I just started delving into Abby’s world and I’m loving that too. I’ll be spending more time with her tomorrow! ❤


    1. Hi, Mel! Thanks so much. I really enjoyed your prompt. In fact, all of them are food for thought! I am so excited about my writing this year. Something wonderful is emerging and I feel like I am coming into my own somehow! Thanks for being my mentor. It is a great feeling to have you there. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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