Welcome to Silver’s Tea Party – A Monthly “TEA” Sharing Event

Hello, and good afternoon! Welcome to my tea party! Much like the weekend coffee sharing event from Part-Time Monster, my monthly Sunday tea party is where I want to catch up with friends, old and new! This is also a way for me to introduce you to some great new blogs and people that I have virtually met along the way!

So let’s begin. Please come in and have a seat. What kind of tea would you like?

I am so glad the holidays are over and we are well on our way into January. We have settled into our new home in Colorado and are happy as larks. The cold has begun and I must say, I am enjoying the snow and the cold. Ask me again how I feel in a couple of months.

I have worked hard on my novel, The Swamp Fairy. The writing seems to flow and I find myself drawn further into the mysteries of fairies. I look forward to sharing my creation this spring.

This is a Downton Abbey tea collection I received from my best friend, Annie for Christmas this year. How about one of these great selections? Would you like cream or sugar? Or do you prefer stevia, like I do? Since it is our first “tea” together I thought I would break out my German tea set for us to enjoy our tea in.

My first guest for tea this January 2016, is Hugh, from Hugh’s Views and News. We have often discussed how fantastic it would be to have tea together, proper like, you know they way they do in England. In fact, I met Hugh by responding to one of his coffee share posts back in 2014! We became great friends just like that!

As you can see, Hugh is instructing me in the fine art of holding my pinkie just so, when one sips their tea. Hugh is one of the nicest people I know and as you can see, he is the best sport ever! Thank you for being my friend Hugh!

Recently, Hugh awarded me the “Champions Award.” The Champion Award is the creation of Seumas Gallacher, a highly successful indie author and blogger that inspires us all with his witty charm and humor. Like Hugh, I am an award free blog but feel a deep desire to thank him for bestowing such a prestigious honor upon me.

Seumas says of the Champions Award:

“…in a world that seems to rush around at an even faster pace than ever, I’d like to take a few moments to have yeez consider how important it is to acknowledge publicly the many wunnerful folks who populate Blog Land… there are already gazillions of splendid Awards, recognising the goodness of so many of our fellow scribblers and readers… supporters all in their own way, worthy of a thousand special ‘thank you’ nods… the intent of these CHAMPIONS AWARDS is to differentiate those fine people who go that extra special mile for others… my fervent hope is that this will circulate and ‘viralise’ (new WURD, Mabel, settle down) and trigger your own CHAMPIONS AWARDS for those you know deserve it.”

The Champions Award suggests that I select at least five other champions. This was almost an impossible task for me! There are so many authors, writers, and bloggers who I feel deserve this award. However, I have chosen seven who I would like to present this award to. They are:

Melissa Barker-Simpson

Olga, of Just Olga

Sue Vincent of Daily Echo

Michelle, of Book Chat

Mary Smith

Annette Rochelle Aben

Charles, from the
Legends of Windemere

My honorees above have acted as mentors and writing guides to me many times. I have learned much from all of them. It is through their care and kindness that I have grown in my own writing journey. They have cheered me on and supported my endeavors every step of the way. In fact, they have gone the extra mile in supporting other writers and bloggers, too. Thank you all for your kindness and I am glad to have made your acquaintance! Each of you are special to me!

Janice, from On the Land

My second guest for tea this afternoon is Janice, from On the Land. I met her when she participated in my Writer’s Quote Wednesday event, and from Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge. She recently bestowed on me the honor of being tagged in her  #Girllove challenge, launched by Lilly Singh, a.k.a. Superwoman, on her  YouTube Channel.

Janice says:

“Lilly Singh is a Canadian vlogger, actress, comedian, and rapper, age 27. She is tired of ‘girl-on-girl hate’ in schools, workplaces, and social media, so she decided to reverse trends by promoting #GirlLove.  In her empowering video,  young women speak out  about their respect and gratitude for other women in their lives. Proceeds from video views will go to the Malala Fund to help educate girls around the world. The goal of the fund is to “enable girls to complete 12 years of safe, quality education so that they can achieve their potential and be positive change-makers in their families and communities.

Lilly’s challenge was to compliment other women in social media using the hashtag #GirlLove.  In the blogging world, the challenge has become more detailed.”

Here’s what you do for the #GirlLove Challenge:

  1. Tell your followers who inspire you, a famous woman who may be dealing with negativity on a daily basis. 
  2. Tell your followers who inspire you in real life, a woman you always interact with.
  3. Tag five women bloggers who you love. Compliment them and tell them why you love them, and comment under their latest post with the link to your #GirlLove post!

If you get tagged, do the post on your own blog. If you want to do it anyway, do it anyway! Add the tag ‘Girl Love’ to your post, so we can see them all! Let’s start 2016 with LOVE for each other!

I must say, this was an easy task for me to accomplish. I would like to introduce you to my friend, Lia, of Lifestyles with Lia. Lia is a teacher who teaches English to immigrants new to the United States. I have had the pleasure of getting to know her through her blog and her Instagram account.

For me, Lia is the kind of woman who empowers others. She is always cheerful and kind. She has brightened my day with her wonderful poetry, introduced me to new foods, and even helped me get through the ordeal of my cross country move by emailing me and checking in to make sure I was surviving. Lia is a positive change maker in my life. Thank you, Lia!

Here are the five other women I would like to recognize in the #GirlLove Challenge because of the extraordinary contributions they make to helping others:

Erika Kind

Judith Barrow

Van by the River

Yecheilyah, from Pearls Before Swine

Sue, from a Dream Walker’s Sanctuary

Thank you for joining my first official “tea party.” I enjoyed your company and hope you enjoyed meeting some of the people that inspire me every day here on Silver Threading.

I’ll see you all for tea next month!

70 thoughts on “Welcome to Silver’s Tea Party – A Monthly “TEA” Sharing Event

  1. I. Am. Speechless!
    Colleen, what a lovely surprise and honor!! What a gift to be a positive change maker in your life:) I feel truly blessed to know you and I’m grateful for all the support you’ve given me too! Thank you so much, you’ve brightened my rainy Sunday…
    Love and friendship always,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m drinking warm lemongrass and ginger tea as I read….a wonderful post of gratitude and appreciation, not unlike you, but this new monthly event is indeed unlike your other posts. I really enjoyed this and look forward to more to follow. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Wonderful! I am currently reading a book about growing my own tea for using in hot teas as well in my fermented kombucha teas. Planning a 16 foot raised wooden tea bed in the shape of a ‘T’ (same as our L, O, V, & E beds) in one of our fields with a drying shed made of recycled materials we’ve been gathering, fruit bushes, etc. Know you can appreciate the dream/plan!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Make mine strong with milk, please Colleen… 🙂
    Thank you SO much for including me in your list. I am not very good with things like this…I can never find the right words. I will just say thank you. It means an awful lot x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Loved the tea party Colleen. I enjoy drinking rooibos, a South African tea that is getting some flavour here in Canada.
    Can’t wait to read your story – Hope you will be selling hard copies.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I snagged some chai spice with a hint of cinnamon vanilla creamer and snuck in to listen to your tea time meetings! You have a wonderful variety of amazing blogger friends! This is a great idea and I look forward to more tea with you soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Wow, there’s an incredible amount of love in this post. It’s truly fabulous 🙂 I’ll have PG Tips with you and Sue. It’s what I normally drink, and must admit tea is a weakness (does that make me terribly British?!) Thank you so much for the award. I am unbelievably touched. You know how much I value your friendship, and I hope you know your support means the world ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Wow, Colleen! My congratulations on the Champions Award! That is a very big honor and you deserve it totally! Hugh is a great and very inspiring person! Hey, and thank you so very much for tagging me in the GirlLove challenge! That’s so sweet, thank you, Colleen. I am just back from my break…. voilà! So cool!

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Wow! What a wonderful way to have afternoon tea, Colleen. I love the outfit you have given me. We do look so “Downton Abbey” don’t we? Thank you so much for inviting me as your very first guest on this new feature. It’s a great idea and a lovely way to introduce your followers to many other great bloggers.
    Congratulations on the awards and also to all those you have bestowed awards upon.

    “We seem to have run out of cucumber sandwiches, Carson. Have Mrs Patmore make some more please.” 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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