#RIPDavidBowie – The Patron Saint Of Music

I had to share in the memory of one of my all time favorites. RIP David Bowie! The stars have brought you home. ❤ Thanks, to Hugh for this moving tribute!

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Like the rest of the world, hearing today’s news that David Bowie has sadly passed away brings me sadness.

However, his music brought and still will bring many of us lots of pleasure. For me it was also his humour that made the difference.  Take the song ‘Life On Mars’ where one of Bowie’s lines was “That Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow.” Who would have ever thought to add a line like that?

For me, David Bowie’s humour shone through with his song ‘The laughing Gnome.’  Not one of his songs that many would think of if asked to name a Bowie track, but what humour it brings. Thank you for the music and the smiles and laughter, David.

RIP David Bowie.


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