Feeling joy & getting healthy

I have tears in my eyes sharing Carolyn’s journey! I am so proud of her and her goals! ❤

Miscellaneous & Recommendations

My 2016 goal is a S.M.A.R.T. one.

Specific: I will feel joy by stopping the habit of complaining.  Off to a good start: a rubber band around my wrist was snapped sharply when I started to whine about a minor ache. That got my attention. I felt complete joy when the stinging stopped, because I knew I had found a method that worked.

Measurable:  I will get healthier by lowering my blood pressure, keeping my blood sugar even & lose five pounds. I can measure the first two daily here at home, but I only weigh at the doctor’s office so that will be delayed gratification. However, I am daily logging my food intake & that is another form of measurement.

Attainable:  These are attainable & achievable.

Realistic. They are also realistic.

Timetable: I will change the weight goal after I achieve it. I will move forward to a different…

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