A Tale of Two Bloggers

Wendy and Colleen

There has been much said about bloggers meeting one another in real life. One area of thought says that most bloggers are not the same with their online community as they are with their “real” friends in the flesh. I have even read the thoughts of a fellow blogger who said that you could never be “real” friends with someone you meet online because bloggers never share their real personas. He felt that most people were fakes and didn’t really let you know them as they truly are.

That is really a sad state of affairs. I have always tried to just be me on my blog, and I believe everyone else I have come in contact with has presented the same to me. Some might say I am naive… others will say I am a realist. I like to think that we all should connect in this life the best way we can. Life is too short to hold yourself back!

Spice charmed Wendy… or should I say Wendy charmed her?

Last summer a group of British bloggers (who I happen to adore) held their first “Blogger’s Bash.” They got together, met in real life and absolutely had a blast! In fact, they have the 2nd Blogger’ Bash scheduled for June 11, 2016! I would love to attend, wouldn’t you? If you have a chance to meet a fellow blogger, do it! What are you waiting for?

So, I now have the ammunition to dispel all the myths! I am proud to announce that my experience meeting fellow blogger and friend, Wendy Anne Darling was just as I imagined it to be. Wendy and I had an instant connection because we knew deep inside each other from the words we had written on our blogs. It was pure magic!

Even though we grew up on totally different continents, (Wendy in the U.K. and me in Wisconsin in the U. S.) and led lives with many of the same interests (bookkeeping, accounting, paralegals, reading, writing, etc.) there was a special connection that most people don’t get when they meet for the first time. We have our blogging world to thank for that.

We had a marvelous day brainstorming ideas, thinking up magical places, and planning out next adventures! There is something about a friend that shares the same interests as you. You can talk about crazy creatures and mystical things and they don’t look at you sideways with a raised eyebrow! Instead, they come up with an equally fascinating creation all their own!

And, guess what? I now have my very first signed copy of a book from an author I know and love!

Wendy and I went to lunch at “On the Border,” a Mexican restaurant that is a favorite of mine. We had some great laughs about driving on the wrong side of the road, or was it the right side of the road? LOL! We both had a chicken mango salad that was fresh and tasty. The dressing on the salad had hints of cilantro, lime, and a bit of garlic. It was extraordinary!

The truth be told, I could not stop talking! We had so much to share and collaborate on. We both love Dr. Who, Star Trek, fantasy novels, YA fiction, and mint chocolate chip walnut cookies! It just doesn’t get any better than that. You just never know what will happen when two creative types get together. 😀

Luckily, Wendy and I only live a couple hours aways from each other. We have made plans to rendezvous again this spring! I can’t wait. I wonder if I can get her to drink tea with me? The answer to that puzzling question will have to wait until next time!

Thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed seeing all of you and sharing my great visit with Wendy.



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